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1 year ago

I saw the 'Obituary' as her profile picture in a social network. I wondered who this man was, must be a very close acquaintance of my friend. So I called her on the phone, 'Marilyn, who is that man on your profile that passed away?' She replied, 'Oh no Clara, that is Alexis. He has left me permanently for heaven'. Then I could hear her sobbing on the line murmuring on how bleak her future will be without Alexis, a Soul Tie of eighteen years.


Alexis has been in Marilyn's life since her late teenage years. She met him at the airport on her way to visit her aunt. They were both attracted to each other. Two people from the other side of the continent, an African woman and a Greek with an age difference of sixteen years.

They had a whirlwind romance that spanned for eight years. Even though everyone speculated marriage, it did't turn out to the expectation of marital bliss. The differences were so much, Alexis refused to commit to marriage and maturely, they agreed to separate.


Marilyn embarked on the dating game but could't sustain it for too long as she kept on going back to Alexis. Both continue to see each other alongside their dates. As a CEO of the most significant Shipping company represented in Africa and the operator of Port Operations in one of the African countries, he was a very successful man with a generous Soul. Alexis supported Marilyn in all her business endeavours. Even though there were no commitment, he took care of all her financial obligations. 

Unfortunately, the more he gave her, the more she loved him and could date no else for too long. It became a Soul Tie.


Marilyn appealed to him for a child. She wanted to have his baby, a living outcome of this unending romance but Alexis will hear none of it. He neither wanted a commitment nor a child with any woman. Alexis loved complete freedom, yet Marilyn continued to compromise her values to be with him. In return, he showered her with earthly possessions. All advice from friends, well-wishers, the family fell on deaf ears as Marilyn continued with this relationship until her forties when her biological clock began to slow down. 

Her twin sister married with children grieved otherwise.


Now he has passed on leaving her in his will as the sole administrator of his properties in Africa. She wept, tears of regret as I sat with her. 'Clara, What am I going to do with all these houses and investment he left for me, it's vanity, I don't need them. I wanted to have a baby for him and he denied me.' 'A child that I will cherish forever in remembrance of him, the child would have inherited all these possessions.' 

'Oh Clara, Why? Where did I go wrong? I loved him so much as he made a difference in my life that is incomparable to any other man, how am I going to navigate through life without him?' She cried out. I consoled her, 'you did nothing wrong, he loved you too in his own way'. 'He has passed on, so it is time to take stock of your life and moved on, that has always been his ultimate wish'. I advised.. Her family members that were with her nodded their heads in agreement. I observed that deep down, they were relieved that this Soul Tie, broken in death have finally freed their sister to begin a new life again.


I pondered over the word Soul Ties.  Was it a Soul Tie that kept this woman bonded to a man that refused to profess her publicly as his wife, exclusively committed to her until death?

I didn't believe it was a Soul tie because her Love was based primarily on his support. The more he gave her, the more she bonded with him characteristic of the feminine energy. He was active while she was passive in the relationship. It made me have a greater comprehension of the masculine/feminine dynamics in intimate relationships.


Understanding the masculine and feminine energies is critical for the growth and fulfilment of intimacy.  These roles determine the future of the relationship irrespective of gender. Both genders can either be masculine/feminine, active/passive.

THE MALE ENERGY consist of the following traits;

  • Giving
  • Active
  • Leading
  • Cherishing
  • Protective

The masculine energy leads the relationship in return for complete surrender and receptivity. The male power wants to cherish the feelings rather than status and is sexually driven. This energy is very generous perceiving money as a means of having fun. The masculine energy is present in both a man or a woman so you either chose to exhibit either.  Male power will often bring in status, security, material portion of the relationship in exchange for sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. 



  • Passive
  • Sensual
  • Build families
  • Light and fun

Marilyn supposed Soul Tie was a demonstration of the dynamics of these active and passive energies. Alexis, the male power in this relationship lead, giving Marilyn both pleasure and support in exchange for complete surrender on his terms. The more he gave, the more she surrendered to him synonymous to the female energy.  Female energy surrenders through intimacy.


A woman with a male energy, attains fulfilment in her relationship if she bonds with a feminine man who is passive. She has all the traits of the masculine energy while he is the home builder, providing fun  and sensitivity on the home front.

Note that neither two homogenous relationships of both male or female energies cannot be compatible. Two male powers in a connection are chaotic while two feminine skills in intimacy remain dormant. Both are unfulfilling in a relationship. 


Hence a fruitful satisfying relationship is best achieved when we understand who we are, what energies we radiate naturally or what we choose to exhibit in order to connect to the opposite polarity.

Thus can it be interpreted as, 'A Soul Tie'.

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Hi Missi  Classic Beauty, thanks for sharing. Unconditional love has no dollar value, love is for everyone rich, wealth, not so rich / wealthy, cute, not so cute, etc. all races, creeds, religion, etc. Unconditional love is the best, it is the real treasure of life, if and when you find someone to love your flaws and down falls etc, you will be truly rich / wealthy! Unconditional love is forever,  hope we can introduce the world to the true meaning of unconditional love. 



Keep up the good work, be safe, and enjoy! 🥀🥀🥀






Yours truly, Mr Born1top.

Peace and love.