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1 year ago


Red roses, cards, presents, exquisite dinners, are all the declarations of this significant day of love in our calendar. I am so intrigued by Valentine's day which shows the significance of what really matters-Love. It is all tenderness, fluttering of the heart, opening our vulnerability to another being. It is intimacy at its best.


The craving for love has always been our Soul purpose, a newborn crying for attention for warmth- a matured Soul also crying for love and attention in a committed relationship through which our species is maintained. I observed all the external pleasures that enhances love during this day, a measurement of the intensity of love.

But is it enough? Are physical presents enough? What is the greatest gift that we can bestow to the beloved? Then it dawned on me! ACCEPTANCE!

Acceptance is the greatest gift that allows 'till death do us part'. The willingness to accept our differences in a committed relationship of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. We seek intimate relationships with our needs.'I will love my partner if he is cultured, caring, emphatic and so on'. What about us? What value should we give in the relationship, is it casualizing sex? Is it a deep understanding that the other person comes with their weaknesses as well as strengths? What happens when the weaknesses show up? Do we have the maturity to forgive the weaknesses, replacing it with the strengths? Do we opt out at the slightest provocation? Are we physically, emotionally and spiritually fit to live with another person? Endless questions!

In the beginning, it is auditioning, living up to the other person's expectations so that we can be accepted. But as the relationship progress, authenticity reveals itself. Then it is our level of maturity to allow the other person to be in a state of b-e-i-n-g which is acceptance. Only in this state of 'being' can Love thrive.


Valentine day has come and gone but love will continue to be inherent in our state of being. In our quest for love, be 'it' so that you can attract the qualities you desire with a knowing that the 'demons' will rear its ugly head but you have the maturity to make it work. 




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Great post, and perfect timing!


I find it interesting how many resources go into Valentine's Day only for Valentine's candy to be 50% off the next day. 


Maybe it's too much to live by the notion that everyday should be Valentine's Day, but it doesn't hurt to try...especially since you can celebrate with liquidation-bin candy (not to cheapen the experience or anything). But I can imagine that some couples can only muster up enough gusto to tolerate each other over a candlelight dinner with a side of regret once a year. God love 'em (bless their hearts?). 


I agree with your take on love as state of being. Maslow says it's essential to our existence. I think there is the love we know and the love we learn. Love we know and learn for ourselves, and that which we share with others. Perhaps the ideal manifestation is a mirrored image that reciprocates (like a feedback loop, maybe). I think this can be achieved through many of our interactions. To smile at the world and have it smile back. I think that when we learn to love ourselves, and have that love reflected in our relationships we won't find it particularly necessary to put all our eggs in the Valentine's Day basket.