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We have been through this before with MM not allowing links to the You, as opposed to MM allowing one to CUT,COPY,And PASTE a PIC. In my view, there is no difference. The person makes a choice to copy a CUT , and then paste the CUT on the YOU. They then can decide if they want to view the CUT beforehand. When you CUT a link; it is not Hyped, and requires these 2 steps


With a PIC, They have no choice beyond the POLICE of MM. It becomes an either/or situation. Either, you allow both due to fairness, OR you discriminate by your choice. My CUT'S( allows the person to copy the CUT) are so original, and RIGHT for the blog, Yet they are missing from my NEW BLOG. I have never posted a CUT that has been detrimental to the spirit of good nature here at MM. I do realize that there were some here in the past that were sanctioned for threading Pic's that were very distasteful to women, and some other bloggers  they did not like. These were usually taken down by MM in a day or two, and/or if someone in the community complained.  


I find it very strange that MM, while linking to FB; would sanction a CUT which requires one to copy the CUT, then PASTE the cut on the YOU; to get the whole meaning of my BLOG, or THREAD.  I think most of your members here have smartphone capabilities, and stream countless bits of information, and other media as they wish.


Is anyone here offended with my Cut's to song, or information on the You that would inhance the blog? I hope not. I try to run blogs,and threads that make people think beyond the norm of the street.



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I shared this on FB!