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You both love cat's, but he will not clean out the litter box. You like things organized, but she takes her clothes off at the door for you to collect,and wash, or hang up. You like your space, but he/she is always in it.

These are just a few things that go on with an established relationship, with each partner playing a part in the relationship...

So...What ideosyncrasies can you tolerate. How would you cope with these personal trait's?

How about snoring. If you believe raising the bed, you, and your partner in crime sleep in; Well...Some OCEANFRONT PROPERTY is about to become available in Arizona. Care to invest?


Confidence is at the head of my list. As you can tell;I like a woman-easy on the eyes, who can work a room. I like inventiveness...And, Though it is painful...She smacks me verbally...LOL


Well...You decide what is PAIN, and GAIN from a partnership. This REALLY involves the LIST'S one makes, before,and after finding a suitable partner.


The HARD STUFF...What will you compromise with your list?

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I agree with rmac22, taking off her clothes would more likely mean romance lol.
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My lady taking her clothes off at the door.  I don't think that is a signal for me to tidy up the place.

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1 year ago




Good to see you again  ...Well , I can compromise with almost


everything including snoring .. but " HONESTY , RESPECT , 


and ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME ( meaning hurting me both


Physically and Feelings ) are no go ...I won't messed it with 


money and promises ...