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Life's A Beach...

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Took my Sis who had a stroke in 2012 to the Beach last evening, and went out on the pier, about 300 feet into the Atlantic. Her right side of her body does not function, so she cannot walk. That breeze that blows from the land was very refreshing to both of us. She saw the sunset, with those amber tints, and that beautifu crescent moon that appeared at dusk. 2 small Hammerhead sharks were caught, so i wondered about the swimmers on the shore.


Looks like SCORP"RN"CS has found a beach, somewhere down in the Gulf. Hope her renovations are not taxing her mind much. She's a renovator, With Pluto tearing down the old, and making things new, and that Mars aggression, She's liable to have an MM Party down around St. Pete! That would be a hoot!!!...ROMANTICGODDESS is still in Gainsville, last time I checked. SAGPRNCSS is in longwood.

I like to walk the beaches in search for sharks teeth. The breeze hitting your face, and a booty of a handful of collectings puts another prospective to life in general!...

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1 year ago




If every sick person could have a brother like you the Society will be better ..I think its a noble deed to take a Sister to the beach to breath fresh air and for a change of environment ..


Well , if you have enough facts about those Afternoon Shifts 

maybe you can complain to the Management .. Its sad to know that they are not seriously thinking of doing their job well but just earning money on the disadvantage of the sick person ..


I know its a hard job to take care of the likes ..I had the same experience of such job for 6 mos.. but I was afraid to ruin my back and become sick too inspite of the Lifting machines and aids to carry out the work but there are times wherein I have to work alone so I left that Home and went back to the Hospital job although I really enjoyed doing a critical one and I had love caring for them ..


I could remember 1 colleague who told me , she left her home with an upright back and come home with a walking way like a Monkey , so she also left the job and went back to the Hospital routine like me ...

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Life's A Beach is a play on words, MC. So many people are drawn to the sweet salty air to forget for a time that life can be a bit*h, when they go back home. Sis is in her 3.5 years of this cripleing, physical state of a stroke. How she got here with this is a long story involving Breast Cancer, Radiation&Chemo, and Cuminin(Warfarin). The residuals of this path to keep her alive, still makes her right side below the neck in a state of paralysis. She's under 24/7 care. I took her to a beach with a long pier nearby to ease her mind.


When we eventually entered her 24/7 residence, she turned into a different person. She had an agenda, and was pushing hard to have herself heard. This is the problem we face in the US with 24/7 care. She get's excellent care during the daytime, but when the 3PM-12, and the 12PM-8AM workers arrive, the rules change. One hand is on the Cell Phone, and the other is doing lackluster healthcare. This can only get worse with the Baby Boomers reaching 50-75 Million in 2026.

We all should want our relatives treated like Human Beings(Within General Reasoning), but the cards are stacked against them,NOW...End of Rant...(Steps off of retractable Soapbox/ wheeled suitcase...Exit's Stage Right...CLIP CLop,EEEK,clip clop...eeek...)...(:LV1:)...

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1 year ago




Im sorry about your Sister ...How is she now ??


I didn't know you are collecting Sharks teeth ..We had several of it on the wall when we were in the Sultanate of Oman but we have given it to friends because its not allowed to take it back to Europe and besides it stinks ..I have done everything to keep away from the smell but it didn't help ...