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You have met the one.

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I don't have a list, I have two lists.   I have a 5 point requireed list, plus 4  bonus points.   Basically, what most people put on their 'list' I put on my bonus points.


The 5 requirements are REAL requirements.  I won't date someone that violates any single one of them.  I will date someone that has no bonus points - but only if she seems interesting in a way that I had not considered.


The only time I ever 'fell' for someone that is not on the list is if she is half my age.    I am not so desperate as to rob a cradle.  So I didn't do anything with them.


But one of the major differences between me and most people is that my requirement list are reasonable.  Most people put really stupid things on their list. 


Things like height, wealth,  skin color, weight.   If you are so foolish as to make your list of requirements out of things like that, then a) Yes you will find yourself attracted to lots of people that don't meet your list.   and b) You will violate your r. list and c) You will end up dating a lot of jerks that satisfy your list, but don't have anything else going on.


Basically, what is going on is that you have noticed a problem with how shallow people are and what they put on requirement lists.  But not everyone has that problem.  Lots of us have totally different issues.