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Terrorists attacks/Electromatic Pulse hitting grid..

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Information about a Electromatic Pulse from our sun or from weapons..Plus, info about terrorist attacks on our grid.

Terrorist Attacks have already made on our power grid almost causing a two year outage to parts of Calif.  Attacks on only 9 critical locations could take down the entire US.

There is 12% possibility of sun erruption in the next 10 years destroying our grid and knocking out millions of electronic devices, vehicles, etc.

99 % of our military bases are powered by the civilian grid.

What can happen to the country if we lose power?
This video, by a former Dep Sec of Defense, is a warning worth listening too. We all need to be  planning and prepping for a possible widespread or total electrical outage that might last for years.  eg. It takes a year or more to build the large high voltage transformers.


MM blocked the link  search youtube for


President's Speaker Series: Frank Gaffeny

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A rocket stove and a rocket stove mass heater is the way to go for wood cooking and heating.  Dozens of designs on youtube.  Fireplaces waste too much wood energy.


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I just read a book "11 TH Hour Preparedness by Tyler Woods..  The second edition just came out about a week ago.. I highly recommend reading it.  It is about $12 on Amazon.  It is a common sense, informative book.


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My brother just showed me what he is doing. He has bought Mylar Bags in the 1/2, 1,&5 gallon type. He also bought oxygen depleating packets foe storage of dry goods. He puts a cell in the bag after filling it 2 inches with beans, rice, sugar, oats,etc, and another oxygen cell 2 inches from the fill. He then closes the bag,and tries to get as much air out as he can. This leaves 2 inches at the top. He then puts the remainder of the top of the bag on the counter, and uses a clothing iron set on the hottest level, and irons the mylar bag to seal it. the oxygen depletion cell pulls the rest of the air from the contents. He is doing 150 pounds of rice this way, as well as other staples. This will permit him to  thrive for 6 months, without having to buy anything. He bought 10 250watt 12 volt PV cells a few months ago, and is working on mounting them on his roof in the main house. These are off-grid PV cells.

He, and another person who owns 2 acres bordering his property are considering fencing off  a poortion of their land, and raising cows. He already has hens that are producing eggs. He has a friend that will slaughter 6 Steers, and is offering 1/2- 1 steer at 3 bucks a pound..That requires 2 freezers, and a way to keep the meat frozen. This may require a propane engine driving a generator for 120/240 power. The best thing is to have both Propane, and a PV system to handle the freezers, and LED lighting for the house. One should have 4-100 pounds of propane in storage for cooking. A fireplace is a wise investment, also. Wood is free, and plentiful in every part of the US. Propane fireplaces have been perfected for most home applications. 


I still have a mind to check on how Tesla created energy from the Gamms Ray bombardment the earth experiences daily. Tesla was way ahead of his time. This idea makes one able to tap&Transform energy due to a spark gap between the source, and an Earth Ground Rod. As Tesla noted; He could harness electricity for a town. This idea was shut down because Westinghouse could not make money from the process.

Everyone should have a Bugout plan, if they live by key sites(Military Bases, Nuke Facilities,etc.). As for storage of staple goods; One should buy bulk, and break them down to usable quantities. Those dried beans can be used as seeds for gardening.

Some may think this isa paranoiac approach, and that we are protected against these things. What happened  the last time the lights went out for a day,or two, due to Natural disasters? Panic...Katrina...Sandy...You would be saving money on Electric, and peace of mind...(:LV1:)

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It's definitely a frightening thought.

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This country is so unprepared it is hard to believe.  Now we have someone shooting up cars and trucks on Interstate 10.  Think what would happen to our transportation system is a dozen or a hundred shooters were attacking our interstate system..

Like I said, we are unprepared for any sort of real attacks.

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  Small units are the best. We as a country seem to like great big things that supply everything to everyone. When the cyber warfare finally gets control they'll be able to cross transformers and be able to blow things up that way also.


  I believe that we have always thought that nobody was going to mess with us, then we got attacked, hard and painfull.


  If we get hit the dumb smuck people will be crying because they didn't see far enough into the future, "oh let the goverment take care of me". I don't really think our masses are smart enough to try taking care of themselves.


  I tryed watching the video but my pc speed wasn't up to snuff out here in the woods.


  It's personnal, this moose and me. He showed up Aug 31, 8 hours before it opened Sept 1. I could have shot him with a squirt gun out of my back windows.

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I agree breaking the grid up into smaller units is good but because states swap electricity on a minute by minute load demand it is hard to  do.  I think Texas is the only state independent of all others and that may not be true now.


If you saw the video you will understand the scope of the problem.  Calif almost lost power in a large region recently for over a year due to a attack on large transformers.   The US has almost no experience with internal attacks and that makes us extremely vunerable..  Actually our gov has no clue what could really happen with a dozen trained terrorists doing their evil, especially at the state level.



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One solution is to break the grid up into small independent units.  They were tied together so that if one was in danger of going down they could be held up by their neighbors. 

Tying them together increases complexity to the point that it takes days or worse to recover when the larger units go down.   

The downside of small independent units is a lot more nuisance outages.   The plus side is it is much more difficult to take out the whole country. 


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Canning is also a good way to preserve meat.  Dont' know how you could can fast enough for a big animal.  I guess freeze, then thaw out enough for one or two canner full.

Canning is also time efficient. When you are ready to eat, the meat is cooked.  Just warm it up.


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MM didn't let me post the link.

Search Youtube for


President's Speaker Series: Frank Gaffeny


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  I already live off the grid with my small generator for the last 11 years. Losing the grid won't affect me the way it will most of America.


  One thing that will affect me, as well as everyone else is Meat. Cold cold cold, from the moment it dies until the time its cooked it is kept Cold. Lose the grid for whatever reason and we now have a nation running on Soup.


  I'm not sure of my timeline but I believe World War 2 was when refrigeration came into being. Before that lake ice was cut and stored buried under wet sawdust. Your butcher kept fresh meat stored like that for daily sales. What you were eating was only a couple of days old.


  I remember as a wee young child my grandparents with their barrells of salted meat on their farm, the stuff would still be good today, 50 years later. Salting meat once was the main means of perserving but these last 70 or so years people have forgotten about how simple it is.


  I have on hand around 400 lbs of salt, if I drop a moose this fall at home I going to salt as much as I can the way my WW2 friend taught me at his cabin in the 1990's. It's always easy to find a couple of friends with freezers to "store" the rest for me, lol.

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