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The never married badge of honor..

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I see quite often someone bragging that they have never married but no other info is given.


I might, just for grins, be interested in how many people that person might have lived with?  Is it better morally to live with a bunch of different people or to have married one or two, or more, for that matter.


It might also be interesting to find out how many people have just been your casual sex partners...


So who is the more honorable?..  Some one who commits or someone who just jumps in and out of beds with no commitment at all.  It's funny how some people look at things..


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The one's that really get me are the one's with three or children that are "never married".. Makes me wonder how many fathers.  They call them "baby daddies" now.. lol


I guess I am old fashioned..  lol



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There are a lot of things about "never Married" that concerns me.


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Heck, on MM, you're lucky if you manage to avoid the STILL married people, which I do get judgmental about!


I've never seen never-married people argue that they are more moral than divorced/widowed people, but your mileage may vary.  


When someone mentions that they've never been married, what do they say to let you know they're bragging about it?  I think different people have different reactions to never-married people.  Some people (particularly men) want never-married people because they think they have less baggage, so it's a convenience issue rather than morality issue.  Some divorced/widowed people are wary of never-married people, thinking they are afraid of commitment or immature.


Morality to me does not depend solely on whether a person is divorced/widowed or how many partners they've had (within reason).  Moreover, it's hard to judge someone's morality online since you don't have any way to corroborate the other person's stories.  When I've heard a particularly lurid tale of romantic tragedy on MM I've often wondered what the ex's side of the story was.