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He is not perfect.

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"He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you."
~Bob Marley  


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1 year ago




Ride on David ...dont worry for sure I will still like you ...I can  feel you are a nice guy , straightforward , strongwilled etc ... I dont want to reduce you to many adjectives but please  " stay as you are " and keep all the good things in you  ...

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1 year ago




 TAKE IT EASY DAVID ...Im not saying People who curse are 

 bad or you are bad because you curse ...No Sir !! I know it is

 a way of relieving pressure and its an expression that 

 Something is wrong ...I dont curse but when I made a mistake 

 I say " shit " ( the only word I have learned ) privately ...

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Quoting author:

Just because you've done it, doesn't make it right.  I think love is about finding one person and being faithful...but I'm probably just old fashioned and out of my time period.  Guess that's why I'm single and probably always will be.  Maybe in the next life, I'll have better luck.  I'm pretty sure Marley would have been a Obama supporter.  BTW, Alcohol is grown on a plant also, I stay away from both as each has it's own issues.


"Tired of you"  I know you well enough not to get tired of you. :-)

darlin' DAKOTA,


Done it? You mean, "pot?" 

I don't see anything wrong with pot, actually. I don't think people should be driving and going to work, etc.. on it.. But I feel the same with alcohol. I also feel the same with driving over tired, and driving when one is in a poor emotional state. Many people drive daily crying their eyes out while going through awful divorces or to a funeral. I don't see "real pot" as such a horrible thing..... as long as one does not ABUSE it. People ABUSE their bodies every day. Look at football. Why are most guys out of NFL in mid 30's and suffer pain the rest of their lives? Pot also helps people who suffer with stomach issues and cancer.. No biggies to me..


YOU.. old fashioned?


Ummm... YES!!! LoL.. ;)


I don't think your prudish ways are so bad, D..  

I just want you to step out in the air a tiny bit. I know it's polluted, but still... 


As for LOVE? Well, I think we all think it's about finding that one person... 

You've just been too afraid to take chances.. 



See, many women think the only men who haven't been married are commitment phobes.. 

I know you better than that. 

You aren't afraid to commit... 

You are afraid to love...




I'm the opposite.. 

I'm not afraid to love..

I'm afraid to commit. 




I don't know Da... I don't know... 


I just know that, I'm less afraid to try and fail at love, than to not try at all.. 


Maybe Marley didn't get it right... 

And maybe most of us never do... 


But he was surrounded by people who loved him, and he loved them back.. 


In the end...

Isn't that what truly matters? 


So perhaps Bob was a winner more than you or I... 



Perhaps I am not really afraid to commit..  I just can't find someone to love...

And perhaps you have passed many stones, or not really tried to find that gem,

because, in the end, you were really afraid to commit? 




On another note! I have a new project. I am curious to your thoughts. I will email you soon and you can grant me your insight.  I ventured out and started building websites and next I am blogging..  Been working on it! 


Hope all is well!!! ;) 

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1 year ago




  Im not sure but maybe Tivo did it intentionally ..meaning connecting 4 words  to create " tohuwabohu " in his comment or he made a mistake ..


David , I dont believe you are perfect ..haha ...but I like your temperament and your cursing ...Im used to it. I have an Aunt and a granny Who curse the whole time but they are not mean and I find it funny even the whole household  ... 

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This discussion reminds me that anyone that says "Noone's perfect" usually has about 3 marriages 5 kids and a drug problem.

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1 year ago



OUCH ...It hurts as a woman myself ..women just a bearing machine and as a sex object ...meaning the Rastafarian Credo allow them to do it and produce many children not because of love but because of their belief ..???!!! Well what the heck .. thanks I dont belong to them  ....

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I posted that quote not to hold Marley up as an example of proper male behavior.  I posted it because I thought the words and the way they were strung together had a certain ring of truth to them. 



Said with a bit of poetic punch.  

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Quoting author:

Now let's figure out if he paid child support.  I don't put much merit in a guy that can write a few catchy lines and put it to tune.  But our society tends to award such more than real accomplishments, and people tend to put them up on a pedestal.  People listened when the movie stars supported Obama.  Now many of the people that voted for him, pretend they didn't. The last person I'd want to listen to is someone that made their fortune by simply acting, singing, or by some other simple means.  These people have no real life experience, they live in their own little world, a world which most of us will never know.  It's not a world of reality, yet when they speak,  for whatever reason, people listen.


I like to see the whole picture.  14 children and 11 different women, smoking pot, doesn't make me think to highly of the guy.  Of course that doesn't mean that his lyrics cannot inspire, and if they do so in a positive manner, then great.

The Princess of the MM blogs waltzes in and knocks DAK off his pedistool!!!!


Now DAKOTA!!!!


1) At least ONE child, he ADOPTED.... (Rita's) 


2) Another child was rumored not to be his, as Rita, had an affair.. He STILL claimed the child.. 


3) His wfe was upset, but she had been away when he fathered 2 lther children from 2 women, and sorry, but this was fairly the "norm" in Jamaica, at the time.. She forgave him, and they moved on.. 


4) Eventually, SHE had an affair, though she states the child Marley raised was HIS... 



Mr and Mrs Marley were all about LOVE..especially LOVE of children... 

Rita LOVED, all Bob's children... and considered them hers.. 

As EASYMAN nentioned previously on another blog.. 




They were not from here... I think? one Jamaican, on Cuban? Not sure.. But anyway...




Although I do not care for "pot," I HAVE smoked A LOT in my past... 

And in all my almost 48 years, I have seen ALCOHOL create FAR more issues, than some "herb" grown in the ground!!! (or, wait.. it's grown on a plant... YES! a plant?? HA! Sorry, perhaps too much wne today?) HEEHEE~~






OF LOVE!!!!!

Bwahahahaha!!! ;)




Tired of me, yet?

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Quoting author:

He was especially a lover of women.  He purportedly had 14 children with 11 different women.  He was not perfect....


Perhaps numbers aren't your "thing?"LoL...


That is "officially" 



(UNofficially, possibly 13) 


And in a time of "FREE LOVE," That doesn't seem so terribly "high."



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Quoting author:

He was especially a lover of women.  He purportedly had 14 children with 11 different women.  He was not perfect....


Not perfect, but perfect for 11 women long enough to get them pregnant.  For some of them perfect more than once ...      


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1 year ago

MAC , I reviewed B. Marleys quotations He's / She's not Perfect .." yell " is always there only He took some and put some words 

and lines ...but still they are all beautiful and meaningful ..


I got mine from the we 're not perfect quotations without Author ..Some Known authors and celebrities have their shares too... 


MAC , for sure I can' smile when Im mad ..instead I will tell him

leave me alone and his food is on Page !!!??? whatever ..LOL


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Hi Maryclaire, Marley has one for "she" too.  It is much the same.  Interestingly, the one for "he" is different slightly depending on the source.  One has "yell" the other has "yet".  "ÿet" would seem to make no sense unless you understand that in some dialects it can be used for still.  Since I have heard it used that way, I don't know which is his original.  I would guess he used "yet".  That would give us "still" if he makes you mad.  In other words smile still if he makes you mad. 


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1 year ago

Hi MAC22 !


Instead of taking He or She is not Perfect ...I took We are not 



                We are human .

                We are not perfect .

                We are alive .

                We try things. 

                We make mistakes .

                We stumble , we fall .

                We get hurt , we rise again.

                We try again .

                We keep learning .

                We keep growing ..and we are thankful for this 

                     priceless oppurtunity called LIFE ..


 Sorry Author unknown ...


 Its true we are human ...we are not perfect ...nobody is perfect ...but when it comes to relationship ..there is a saying here ... 






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Quoting author:



Marley was truly a lover of people!!!! 

I like that quote too.


The truth is, everyone is

going to hurt you.  You

just got to find the ones

worth suffering for.



-- Bob Marley


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Marley was truly a lover of people!!!! 

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