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WARNING..If you take photos with your cell phone!

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If you take photos with your cell phone, this is a MUST WATCH video for you.

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It seems the link, I originally posted, has expired, but you can view the same video on this one.

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Thanks for posting "oh wise one".  My settings are all set on private on my Blackberry but I sure do feel bad for all the men/women that have posted bathroom pics for all of us to see not to mention the half nekked photos.   Which reminds me I better clean my bathroom mirror so I can update my profile.

Thanks for the information and keeping us safe of this site....:)

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Thanks for posting this important information. I will certainly pass it on....... BeWell and Be Safe!

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Huh? My post has disappeared! LOL....



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Good effing grief!!!!


Thank God I don't have smart phone!


Excellent post, Britt.  Thanks so much.  I hope everyone pays attention to it.


And--I hope you're getting to go golfing a lot this month.  LOL