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Aggressive Charities and Other Hungry Vultures

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Aggressive Charities and Other Hungry Vultures




When I hit the magic age, which happened at about the same time my wife died, aggressive charities and others hit like a bunch of hungry vultures.  Caller ID wasn’t yet working to any reliable degree.  The “do not call list” was not yet offered.  Besides I was still burdened with the silly notion that you answer the phone if it rings.  Ditto listen politely.   Always they started out sweet, polite, and persuasive.  If you politely declined they always had another line.  If you persisted they became progressively more and more aggressive and insulting.  I discussed with a friend why anyone thought being insulting was a successful “sales” technique -- he explained, “Because it works.”  Took awhile, lifetime habits do not go away overnight, but I did learn to say “NO” and hang up before they could say anything more.




Some of the stuff was just plain unbelievable.  “You have just won a Ford 150 Pickup; we just need your full name, birthdate, address, and social security number so we can fill out the paperwork and deliver the pickup.” 




Then there were the stock offers:  Saturday morning, had to be purchased and paid for that day.  “If you just give us the transaction numbers on your checking account we can take care of everything.”  Yep, I bet they could. 




An unlisted, unpublished number is a wonderful thing.  You will need to change it from time to time.  It ultimately will become known to the wrong people. 




I was still working and was used to dealing with competent, tough negotiators.  The mother of a friend was not so lucky; she had to be put into an assisted living arrangement.  Fully cognizant, she was just too sweet, nice, and lonesome to cope with the vultures.  The Aunt of another friend is another example.  She also was too sweet, nice, and lonesome, plus she was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  She pretty much depleted her retirement before her family discovered the problem.  The family naively presumed that if they advised the charities of her condition they would quit the solicitations -- that made it worse, much worse.  Ultimately she needed to be put in an Alzheimer’s nursing home. 






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Sarah –

I think I know how they snapped off the vent.  They were trying to use it as an anchor for a safety harness.  .   

Since no one fell off your roof it had to fail during a preliminary jerk to see if it was secure. 




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Hi Hope, no mention of color, I should have asked.  Might have confused them a bit.  As was they were pretty frustrated with me.  There never was a pickup as you and I both know. 





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Sarah -- my sympathies re dealing with door to door salesman.


Neighborhood associations are a mixed blessing but one nice thing.  I now live in a no solicitation neighborhood.  I just tell them that and they run for their life.  Not sure what the association does to them if it catches them, but it must be enough to scare them.  The only thing they can do is drop offers at the door.  


Back where I used to live, I was not bothered much by door to door salesman.  I was only home daytimes on the weekends.  God help the door to door salesmen that disturbed one’s weekend, dinner, or evenings.  Collectively, the men on the street must have been an intimidating bunch.    


A professor friend of mine, took a summer job working a night shift.  The phone was driving him nuts.  So, he got a new number and had it unlisted.  No help.  Unlisted per the phone company there just meant it was not in the phone book.  It was still in the books that they sold to businesses.  So, he asked what he had to do to get it out of those.  They told him and again got a new number.  No help.  Now the welcome wagon and all the people interested in newcomers were calling him.   So again he goes to the phone company and has to up the cost one more time to get it totally unpublished.  


Gratefully, I did not have that much trouble to get an unlisted, unpublished number.   


Thanks for your comments. 









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1 year ago

I can't stand these phone calls or door to door people. I'm pretty good at dealing with it though after experiences.

Phone calls- don't answer the phone at dinner or lunchtime. If it is important they will leave a message or ring my mobile.  When I do answer and they say its for my dad ( who is dead) I advise them of this and hang up or hang up straight away. In other cases I ask who is calling and when they start bla bla random company- hang up. I used to do all the no thank yous etc but technically they should not be calling me as I'm on the telephone preference service. However, the reality is that means nothing and even if your report the companies nothing is ever done.

My mum has recently started saying one moment please and leaves the phone and walk away until they hang up. lol

The door to door people are the worst as they really just won't go. One time I thought the guy was going to put his foot in the door to stop me closing it. I felt like I wish I had the release the hounds button that Montgomery Burns has in the simpsons. I don't let door to door people do any work ever now. Last time these guys who came to clean the gutters on our house ripped off this vent on the roof, hid it in the garden, told us we had loose tiles on our roof.  Next day, heavy rain, rain fell through the vent they snapped off, flooded the bathroom ceiling. Big insurance job of drying out, replastering and painting. Thanks door to door scum!


Sarah :-)


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OH BEWELL! Thank goodness your dad had his wits about him enough to contact your brother! I am guessing he had an "uneasy" feeling about him after it was said and done! 


GO WITH YOUR GUT! If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't!! 


There's a special place below for people who take advantage of the elderly!! 


RMAC- I wonder what color that 150 was??? LOLOL.... 

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Hi BeWell – No Thank You and hanging up without waiting for their acknowledgement works pretty well too.  They may or may not be talking when you hang up.


This NLP trick is a neat thing to know though. 


Thanks for your comment. 








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My 83 year old dad had someone scam him. They threatened to not send his social security check unless he gave them all his information including his bank number. Luckily he called my brother after he did it and my brother was able to call the bank and put a hold on his account before the crooks cleaned him out.


I learned a really cool trick for phone solicitors when I was studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming--a way to train your brain to think more productively). Always be prepared to give the solicitor TWO reasons why you don't want to participate. In their hesitation on how to proceed with you, you can politely say thank you and hang up. They use a script and it confuses them on which answer to address first. In their hesitation, this  will give you the edge to take control of the conversation.


Solicitor: There are children dying in your city of starvation and you can help to stop it with only a few cents a day. May I have your credit card number?

Citizen: I've already selected my charities for the year and I'm in the middle of something important and I can't talk to you, but thank you for calling. Good bye.


Some of these phone workers are really good and can handle two reasons.  For them, have a third reason ready. Most can't handle two, but no one can handle three. ............. ;-D... BeWell

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Hi Hope – Nope did not collect the pickup.  When I suggested that I show up at their place of business to fill out all the forms they started telling me all the reasons that would not work.  As I countered each objection they got more and more touchy, even angry.  Seems they really could not tell me their place of business, much less give me credentials I could check out with the better business bureau.  So they angrily told me I could not have the pickup if I could not play by their rules.  So sad, I did so want that pickup.    




I concur re nursing homes and assisted living arrangements.  You need to pick good ones and visit often, talk with them, work with them, and keep them honest. 




Thanks for your comment.




Hi Dakota – Ticks me off a fair bit too. 




Re charities, some of those I would believe to be above such despicable behaviors are not.  I only give whatever money I decide I can afford divided among three in any given year.  If I get more than one by mail solicitation per year they get taken off the list.  If I get one by phone solicitation (does not happen often with an unlisted, unpublished phone number) they get taken off the list.  If I give to a charity, I ask them not to sell my address and I put a harmless little tag in my address.  If I start getting solicitations from all over the place with that tag I delete the offending charity from my list. 




There are lots of deserving charities so it is not hard to find three.  One I like sadly just can’t live within those constraints.  They just successfully did some tricky surgery on the two year old granddaughter of one of my friends.  I like the fact that they exist, so I guess I’ll have to unbend a bit. 






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Tourettes!! You clever man you! ;)


I knew a guy who had an insurance company call him and this guy was quite a character... He allowed them to spend time "giving their intro" .. and then he said, 


"Well, I have aids and they say I have anywhere from 6 months to a year to live. Do you think you can help me cover all the expenses of my meds, hospital stay and funeral?" 


Caller ID wasn't invented for us to know when someone we want to call us rings.. It's a bat signal for the calls we DON'T want to answer!! 




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Sad to see, but I think it has been happening since the beginning of time! 


I recall the solicitors that would call the house before "caller ID" days! 


It has only gotten worse in time!! :( 




A bad "VULTURE" in todays society is the ALF's. I have cared for people who were really too far gone to be in "Assisted Living." Some people needed far more "assistance" than we could provide.. (like a full time person)


But, they keep them there as long as they can get away with it for the $$$$...


That's one of societies biggest vultures now.. Family has no time to check up on their family member all the time, and the staff don't tell them, "Hey your mother was found walking out of her room confused down the hall in the middle of the night in her underwear!"  




SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED, many times, to check on them..


If the place has an issue with this? FIND ANOTHER PLACE!