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More about the scammers

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I have few blogs regarding scammers. I even included in my profile all kind of ways about how to catch them. But I want to add one more blog to the others because - this one scammer - really passed with flying colors a lot of the advices I included in any blogs and in my profile.

Here is the story and I hope it may help some of us to (at least) weed out Nigerian scammers that pretend or even live in UK, US or Canada. I met a guy on this site (he deleted his profile about 3 months after I start talking with him on the site - I am not sure if he is not here again under a different profile - even a woman's one). I even talk with him on the phone. He pretended to live in Ireland. And his accent matched the region. I did my research and found audio files with accents of the people living in that region. Listened very carefully to them in order to make sure that the accent matched. He had everything verified in his profile except millionaire status. I did even a IP address check on his email header and I asked him for copies of his IDs - that he was very prompt to send. The only thing he didn't want to do - was to get on Skype pretending that the connection is very bad from Ireland. After reading some of the romancescam site forum entries I did a little search about Nigerian people. I found out that they are very superstitious. So still having a suspicion about this guy I sent him an e-mail cursing him if he is a scammer. What happened after ....  really amazed me....




He dissapeared for 2 weeks. On the third week he wrote me an email to apologize and recognize that he is a scammer and asked me to free him from my curses. I told him that I will do that only if he sends me a video with the real him and talking about something that only he and me will know. I am keeping that video as a reminder that you can't be careful enough with these scammers. 2 days later I got the email with the video. He was a black guy. Considering my IP tracing and the fact that his phone number is not from the list of the UK numbers that you can redirect - he is really leaving in Ireland, UK. And believe me - he is taking all the time in the world to talk with you. I don't know what he is getting from this because I didn't send him any money - it's true he tried to ask and that is what kept my suspicions going. But he continued to talk even when I refused to send any money.




So keep in mind these scammers are not afraid to be caught by us or the police - but seem to fear a lot a divine punishment. They are very afraid of curses. Try that when a person you talk with doesn't want to use Skype to talk with you. And don't trust Yahoo Messenger they figured a way to get around that as the video rendering for it seems to be very slow in a lot of computers. I had a scammer that I didn't talk even for a week that was trying to use that trick on me. I close any communication with him before getting to any curses.




There is another blogger here that has very good advices and stories regarding scammers and I advice you to read his blogs as well. Look for smax117. Why I am trying so hard to warn people about these scammers? Because I am really frustrated with these scammers and how much they take from our time. Now I learned to cut them short. One more lesson learned. And find attached one of the photos the UK scammer is using. For sure that is a guy he is talking with - pretending that he is a woman.




So guys, keep an eye on who you are talking too. The scammers have no issue in using other people photos in trying to fool you. That drop dead beauty that sounds so much in love with you can be in reality a guy ......

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I am so losing my faith in these web sites....I cannot believe how many rude and uncaring people I have come across on these sites.  But....hopefully someone who is REAL will come along for all of us who are looking for a relationship with that someone special!!:-)

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Thanks for the information!  I also have ran into many scammers on Match, I feel like I can pick one out as soon as I receive an email from them.  I was hoping that on this site it would be less likely to happen, I guess not!!  Thanks again for the information!!

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I have met a couple of phonies myself. Thanks for your story. I am losing my faith in dating websites. One has to be very careful who they talk to .