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Why is it so hard to meet Men? psabati... 20 04/20/2006
Chickenscratch J_Ha... 6 04/20/2006
Alone in Ohio? worthyla... 13 04/19/2006
who is harry? case... 20 04/19/2006
hello nicolex... 28 04/18/2006
It's a good way to meet people im4realru20... 18 04/15/2006
Art, Smart and Stylish DEERG... 22 04/12/2006
Big Question!!! removed_MissMonteCarlo_55141... 151 04/03/2006
fine day applelo... 26 04/11/2006
Airport Bar Ka... 78 04/10/2006
hi from California Ambitiousb... 30 04/10/2006
Come On removed_LuckyJu... 47 04/05/2006
A Toast To Happiness PinkLa... 27 04/04/2006
tommorrow i have a lot work to do... eggpla... 15 04/04/2006
Hey LKNG2B1WU !!! southerncoug... 33 04/01/2006
Spring is in the air!! Figment20... 3 04/01/2006
Women Over 30 GrooveThi... 172 03/30/2006
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