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new in brooklyn, seeking female friends italiano... 48 08/31/2006
why rich women are interested only in rich ... italiano... 94 08/31/2006
Hypothetically Speaking Zellbe... 62 08/30/2006
WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT ASIAN WOMEN? removed_Alexisa... 583 08/19/2006
are you a love thirsty woman? italiano... 45 08/31/2006
Pick-up line comebacks aMonaLisaSmi... 84 08/29/2006
false people looking for money italiano... 141 08/30/2006
I'm looking for female friends in dyker ... italiano... 51 08/30/2006
would you love to receive a poem? italiano... 57 08/30/2006
what's missing in my profiles? italiano... 59 08/30/2006
THINK BEFORE YOU WINK BocaDiamo... 309 08/26/2006
fraud grace0... 8 08/29/2006
Like to Read? manofthear... 4 08/29/2006
Wanted y'all to meet.... september19... 150 08/27/2006
My initial observations.. aMonaLisaSmi... 149 08/26/2006
Indentifying who's crazy or not crazy Numbe... 86 08/27/2006
Lionphish at an end Lionphish... 242 08/25/2006
fun, down to earth, and romantic anyone? acutabove06... 30 08/25/2006
For SvetlanaS dasv... 23 08/25/2006
8/16/06 Too Busy to Write tao_of_givi... 1 08/24/2006
Another Useless Blog.......But a damn good ... september19... 366 08/11/2006
INFLAMATORY BREAST CANCER (IBC) Something woman ... removed_Alexisa... 190 08/01/2006
ETHEREAL VENOM removed_Alexisa... 26 08/20/2006
Thank God, that's over! wineh... 192 08/18/2006
Newbie here Maisa... 37 08/19/2006
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