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Ramblings of a positive person Lionphish... 162 06/24/2006
You sound wonderful, but before I make up my ... CocoRoch... 321 07/10/2006
What makes a woman intimidating to men? zinnderel... 1,104 07/30/2006
Online Men's Phrasal Dictionary LisaLisa20... 260 08/27/2006
check my prof.(alessandro77 & italiano77) and ... italiano... 34 09/03/2006
I usually create poems, but would love to receive ... italiano... 33 09/03/2006
any online business out there? please no schemes ... italiano... 51 09/03/2006
feel lonely and need a friend to talk to? italiano... 58 09/03/2006
post your best picture and receive everybodies ... italiano... 33 09/03/2006
Central Florida Blogers flyrr1... 26 09/02/2006
Make-up removed_MissMonteCarlo_55141... 223 08/24/2006
Ciao bellezze! I'd love to chat with italian ... italiano... 29 09/02/2006
forza italia!!campioni del mondo!! any italians ... italiano... 63 09/02/2006
Question for the Girls LisaLisa20... 718 07/06/2006
new in brooklyn, seeking female friends italiano... 48 08/31/2006
why rich women are interested only in rich ... italiano... 94 08/31/2006
Hypothetically Speaking Zellbe... 62 08/30/2006
WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT ASIAN WOMEN? removed_Alexisa... 583 08/19/2006
are you a love thirsty woman? italiano... 45 08/31/2006
Pick-up line comebacks aMonaLisaSmi... 84 08/29/2006
false people looking for money italiano... 141 08/30/2006
I'm looking for female friends in dyker ... italiano... 51 08/30/2006
would you love to receive a poem? italiano... 57 08/30/2006
what's missing in my profiles? italiano... 59 08/30/2006
THINK BEFORE YOU WINK BocaDiamo... 309 08/26/2006
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