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Do people actually talk?

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I understand we are in a generation and time of butterflies and flashy things in attempts to hold peoples attention but seriously! Do people know how to have a conversation about anything. Ive found talking to people on here, no matter what I say, my words will have some altered meaning that will baffle my mind. Example: I like blue cars. Female interpretation: We wont get along because i drive a red car so i must instantly block you.

Its almost like every word must be scrutinized for some unintended meaning.
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Haha, this post is really funny!!
And yeah, I mean personally I think people take themselves and their lives way too seriously. But hey, that's the world we live in. Everything is or will lead to the end of the world and people are afraid of dying or reaching that end. Go figure. I'm just in it for the ride and to have a good time.
All the best!
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December 21
True so strange at this age in the game. If someone doesn't know how to communicate it's a big red flag for me as to them being a scammer or just not interested enough to keep a convo going.
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December 20 Total posts: 95
my man old school rules. Eyes and Body language always tell the story.
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lol your right. Everyone is in tune with social media and fantasy lifestyle 🤷🏽‍♂️
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🤔look people talking..
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11MacGyver11 you are 100% correct
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@xDominantx I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. I think the internet has given us so many more options as far as connecting with more people all over the world in fact but at the same time the quality of communication is extremely poor. This is why so many people are left feeling not only dissatisfied but frustrated. Men and women communicate differently and it's hard enough in person face-to-face but with the internet I believe it is 10 times harder to understand one another given the fact that we cannot see facial expression or hear tone of voice. And you can't deny that body language also says a lot.
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December 17 Total posts: 73
I totally agree with you I always said the tonal quality of the voice and the body language is missing but that's why you have to have very good interactive communication. After you get through the first part of the conversation you can't just say what's the weather like how long have you been here what are you looking for and have you dated much I hate those questions. Basically because it's nobody's business as far as how long I've been on a side or how many times I've dated the other thing is it doesn't really give you any information. The question-and-answer in conversation has to be completely different than if you were face-to-face meeting somebody outside in the real world. Basically as I've mentioned in a couple of comments after being off and on a lot of dating sites and I really like this one even though I haven't paid to be premium yet because it does have blogs people can talk about this. You have to talk about your outlook on life your morality your integrity but you will accept in a person what you will not accept in a person. And you know interest and hobbies are good I don't want to travel internationally I don't really like playing the but I love road trips to me that's really important so you got to talk about the important stuff. And it is possible to create some kind of chemistry online I've had it before accidentally on an art site where I talk to other artists around the world that wasn't even meant to be a dating site. But that means being able to open up but it also means understanding yourself which is even harder for people to do then understanding others. And then also want to mention two other people you have to accept the fact that someone's Just Not That Into You I've had the book and I've read the book and everybody should read that book especially women but I think men should too. Not the Venus on the Mars One everybody knows we women and men are different.
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omg I feel the same
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Okay are you saying that really happened about the red and blue car? Or maybe perhaps put a real example of what you really said LOL
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That is either humor or stupidity haha.
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Well I haven't talked to you yet. I'm pretty straight forward
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The biggest divide today is social media.


While under 'normal conditions', intimate or face to face discussion is comprised of the following:


70% Body Language

30% Verbal.


OF course - the first problem is that the body language factor is completely removed.

The second significant issue is that - through text - there is no tonality nor form of expression

to judge the textual conversation.


Immediately - whoever is reading this will be reading with there own tone of voice and interpretation

as to how I would have expressed these words - instead of how it would be taken if sat opposite me

in a cafe, sharing a beverage in person.


Inevitably - more relationships fail, and more arguments are created via textual interaction that in the

'real world'.  Unfortunately - Online dating is inherently virtual, and so fundamentally flawed for long term



That said - even in verbal discussion (by phone for example) a significant truth is -

people only remember 10% of what was said - 10 minutes after it was said. 

So therefore - the complete lack of personification of the interaction renders almost 90% of possible

interpretation and feeling conveyed by the face, eyes and body null and void, and so there is still little left



NOTHING beats face to face meetings and interactions.  No matter what ANYBODY will try to con you

into thinking.


This is why society today is becoming completely unstuck.  People are loosing touch with reality...

And getting lost in the 'Virtual'...


I wish you the best Sir in your search.