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Hello all...
I read the blogs occassionly, today I have to put in my two cents worth on a few of the threads and commwnts. They are in no paricular order, mostly what I thought of when read.
• Age is just a number. Yes I am 58 however I am as active, full of adventurer, entertaining as any 30 year old. Please don’t let a number stand in your way of meeting the potential “one”.
•. If you are contacted by someone, have the decency to respond even if not interested. No excuse for being rude.
•. The endless chatting thru email, text, any app is tiredsome (also a sign of a scammer). Talk about and agree to a timetable when both feel comfortable, giving out information, to speak on phone at the least if you cannot meet in person
•. Really do you want someone who is ready to sleep with you after you just meet? Just asking, how many others are on that one and done list...
•. Almost everyone has preferences, height, body type etc., it is okay to have a race preference. We are adults, we don’t need to apologize for our preferences. I do try to look at all and be open, not always successful.
•. A very broad comment about MM. I like this site opposed to some others. I personally feel that most of the profiles are honestly written, the men are truly looking for a LT relationship. Maybe some facts are not 100 % factual but nobody wants to have all their information out in the www.

I enjoy reading all of your comments. Any thoughts or comments on this thread cannot wait to read. Have a wonderful day!
Hugs from Florida

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1 year ago
Love this, so spot on!
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1 year ago
Well written and spot on. Great job.
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For a first time blogger your comments are spot on!!!  I agree with everything you stated here.  BTW you look marvelous for your age.   Happy blogging.......