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Posted on Mar 29, 2018 at 10:56 AM

Money and Fantasy. I think they are linked as every great adventure hopefully starts with transportation and reservations but as I wrote that I can see walking somewhere and camping as a doable adventure. But 90% or more of the out of town adventures require funding. Having money is a key to having the ability to put your fantasy trips and adventures into the real world. You can also get your kids to go play with you as I have done that for years and they are the wonderful adventures of my life. When I started looking on-line for company/distraction I just wanted a play mate that could pay his own way. I imagined the fun of going out and not having to pay for others so I do have a fantasy that the men I meet will be financially stable. Fantasy


What are your thoughts? Share. It could be interesting to read your words. 

Venus in Pisces
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