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Any men out there?

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I am looking for a companion, friend, someone to share my fun happy life, but all I get is young guys wanting one thing. I don't want a kid.....I want a MAN! This site is very aggravating....
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they don't seem open to change. There are a few real people and I have met some nice ones and some real snobs. But the fake profiles are annoying. I even ask them to have a setting "only visible to verified profile"
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such beautiful fun pictures you have! 😍
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agreed, I just joined....and feel like it's a waste!
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October 29
I agree with you 100%. What is the point in creating a profile and specifying age range only to be bombarded with profiles outside of your preferences???? This site does not seem to cater to member's preferences and should only allow those that meet a profile criteria the ability to reach out to you. How about Spark/Discovery? Why in the world would someone want to randomly sift through thousands of profiles that do not meet your search criteria? Leaves much to be desired from this site.