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Good morning!

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What a beautiful day. The birds are singing and sun is shining and i sit going through my messages. So i want to challenge you men this morning. Yes i long to enjoy this beautiful life with my love. So i ask why do you like or wink at me and not respnd back? Are you only here for pictures? Or are you here for a real relationship? Are you afraid of a real woman? Are you afraid i might spark that empty part of you that is dieing to be set off like a firecracker? Veiw my profile. Send me a message.
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What do you mean?  I have photos!  Maybe you can't see it because I have blocked women.  Unless you mean something else.

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Hello, a beautiful woman. I also have a beautiful day. Sun shines and I at work hehe
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Perhaps start with a photo. Girls are visual and I know for sure men are.... best wishes 007