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Traveling through life we meet people who become our lover, friend, or social acquaintance. All we ask in return from that person is to be trustworthy and loyal. Like the saying goes "treat others the way you want to be treated." What a crock full of shit! Time and time again people that often follow this saying get screwed over and betrayed the worst. I've been done wrong practically my whole life yet I still continue being the same gullible, nice person. I'm tired of being that person,that'sjust me though. People pretending to be your friend and lie to you, take advantage of your kindness. There's no need to be fake. Don't get to know someone just to start talking shit behind their backs. I have pretty good judge of character when it comes to someone I'm not trying to get involved with. If I know for a fact I don't like you from the beginning, it will be that way always unless you are one of my friend's acquaintances then I will do my best to get alone. That doesn't mean Ilike you or care about what you have to say or do. I'm not a person that believes in second chances. I'm always there when someone needs me or try my best to be if it's doable whether it's with money, time or a helping hand. As always when it's the other way around you can't get anyone to help you. I know I'm a good person, not perfect by any means but no one is. I feel sorry for myself sometimes but I feel worse for the people treating people this way. They will never know the true meaning of friendship or love.Soon what goes around comes around and karma will bite you in the ass! This is who I am and how God created me. 🙏