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Seriously runner girl mom? WTF? Are you indicating only college educated individuals are successful? I'm guessing you're a Democrat and subscribe to the idea that you're the 'smart' ones. Get out of your bubble and look around.
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Intellect, vanities of vanities says the teacher/ preacher.
There is secular knowledge, and there is spiritual knowledge...
There is wealth and no compassion, and there is wealth with compassion, there is lacking sufficient with knowledge, and there is lacking of sufficient no knowledge.
But the individual whom has learn to concur both, secular knowledge, and spiritual knowledge are true to the balance of humanity. Love, joy, peace, long suffering, faithfulness, self control, gentleness, meekness, temperance, etc creates integrity.
After all, to hold one in your arms, and look deeply into their eyes and confess love, unconditional love requires more than a degree of academic excellence... 🤔
So as I exit, love you all as I have been commanded to do...
Au revoir, adiós,
Mr Born1top,
Love and peace.
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Well. That leaves me out.
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@SHERRI1961 lol ik that's right
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Why? What makes you better? Because you went to College? Or that your Wealthy or just Grown? Just Curious...