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What do ya do?

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1 year ago
Im restless on here. Is there any man on here that thinks
More on choosing the partner
Than talking about their toys?
Are all the men just textors? Not every woman is a gold digger. I think it would be a great thing to be financially stable enough to do the things couples like to do. An travel. Ive only ever been to Canada!
Do i need a mansion? No. It would feel massive, and echo and extravagant. Do i need a fast car? No. Just a nice car with heater and air!
Do i need love? YES! its human behavior for a mate.
Maybe im rambling, but no different than anyone else.
Im not. Repeat not rich or anywhere close. But i seek a rich fullfilment of this thing called love.
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We all seek love, but this source of love have to start within. I learned that woman that dont love herself and depends on others to give her that missing love and esteem, will always be used and mistreated. So, lets start within, my friend, and men will be naturally attracted to you. Peace
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