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The Story Of Paris- Part 2

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1 year ago
Well I've booked up for Paris again. For those of you who read my last story of Paris you should remember laughing at how disasterous it went. lol

Although, despite getting lost and spending most of our time going back and forward in the metro, I had a great time.
So this year I'm going back with my good friend Nicola, to see the most beautiful city. We have corrected the mistakes from last time, we are central, going by a proper airline, main airport, plus we have my mate Robbie who lives there who is going to meet up with us too and I now can read a map. Oh yeah and i'm getting a taxi to the hotel not the metro. Not having the stairs nightmare like last time. My wheel was hanging of the suitcase by the end of the trip after being battered on the stairs as I couldn't lift it. I can't help it that I pack everything. Its what us girls like to do. :-p So, I'll be telling you later on, my revised visit of the gorgeous city and why all you people should go there. :-)