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If you have a premium account, tell me has it improved your experience here? I am considering getting premium, but I want to know if it really worth it. I tend to get like or hearts, but I can't see who it is. Gentlemen feel free to message me. :)
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October 20
Just allows you to search certified millionaires and you can reach out to them . On my 2nd month not sure it's worth the $70
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I have updated to premium, it doesn't do any better. None of the result matched my preferences.

It is was of money, and the website is suck and slow. with the price they charges, I would not recommend.

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yes definitely
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i was a premium member & no it did not.. i think they would do much better if the admin allowed non paying members to see tge photos of the people that fsvored tgem ... and allowed premium members to have more contact with non paying members ..
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I can help u w/real men out there