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Valentine's Day Contest!

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner! We're dedicated to making it is easier for you to find love - to further help, we're launching our Valentine's Day Contest!

How to enter:

Entering is EASY! Just tell us all about your ideal partner in the comments below. We're looking for the full details! What they're like as a person, what sort of career they're in, what they look like - things like that! Maybe one that fits your criteria might find your post and try to connect with you!

We'll randomly pick 1 member from the comments and reward a one-month PREMIUM membership to help increase their chances of finding the ideal partner on MM.

One winner will randomly be chosen on Feb 22nd, 2021.

Have fun & good luck!

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I would love to meet my eternal love. One should never give up. Hopeless romantic.
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I'm looking for the one and only, I'll forsake all others for. You are kind, adventurous, spontaneous, loving, godly and above all honest and trustworthy. Your career doesn't matter to me as long as you are happy in it. You are taller than me.
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I'm looking for my Elvis ❤
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Do to the fact of a simular nature another lady mentioned here, I think more than just one (1) member should be granted that membership, after all that's most of what us ladies are on here for to meet someone man or lady to enhance, make our lives feel worthy, someone , two or three people these days but can't even find one to meet to meet some of my expectations
Someone you think about all day and can't wait until together, have wealth, rich, maybe go shopping together for furniture, collectors items, etc. together

Someone to Snuggle up with and watch movies all this kind of stuff,
Someone we can look out for each other as best we can, have infactuated but real kind of feeling for each other
On the Romantic side, I guess he would be the creative one with that
I saw a fella on swipe this morning that moved me a bit, but that's all my family have had in our life is military people, and he had on a military tshirt, but it really did not look his character by just looking at him, another reason I was thinking someone should sponsor a get together simular to The Bachelor , Bachelorette and foremost somewhere
reachable for all that would want to attend

Iam only 5ft 1 which is some of what holds me back a lot's in life in more than just one field, I don't say it much but Iam a romantic, I like that kind of decoratings and furniture and all
My match probably should be 5ft 5 to 5ft 9 or 10,
Most of the one's I match with on tinder are up to 6 ft most the time
I wonder what's it all for because most the matches you never communicate enough to get a meet
It's not in my budget to keep up with premium membership, not to mention purchasing the right card to use , I will stop here, Thank you
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February 18 Total posts: 5
@SHAWN2057 Hiiee , Iam Gale, what do you consider some of things of a lady as being Smart, Thank you
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I dream of a gentleman who shows me more than the bare minimum. I want to know what it's like to be treasured as the center of someone's universe in this one, short lifetime of mine
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These are fun to read. Blessings and true love to all of you.

My partner in crime: you are too old for bullshit, so be authentic. You are a King who understands the art of giving - in and out of the bedroom. Be patient and have wisdom, because I'm Alpha, too! I can lead, but I desire to follow one who is worthy. Show me that I can trust in your strength and integrity. Honor, respect and challenge me as I will for you. There is value and goodness in every human...but just because you are good doesn't mean you are compatible with me! We will have it all if you be you and I be me.
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Imagine waking up next to someone and smiling. Excited to make breakfast for them. Rubbing each others toes while drinking a margarita at the end of a long day and smiling some more
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I'm looking for just someone who's kind. I don't discriminate with looks I really look for personality. My match should be caring, respectful, and loyal. I want to be able to talk about anything with my match and feel comfortable being an open book. If we share the same humor and interest that's a plus.
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I would love the opportunity to win a months premium membership to increase my odds of finding the other piece of my heart. thank you for this opportunity and please stay safe. xoxo
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Please be healthy with all your original parts!
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I noticed in another blog that a millionaire can be found at a strip club! Never done but might have to try it as none here are serious or even remotely close.
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I'm seeking a very independent man who doesn't need my money but needs me as a person. Not too much for him to handle
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Looking for a smart and slender lady that doesn't smoke or have kids. Is that really too much to ask for?
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My ideal match would be, and this may sound obvious, a decent human being. This is harder to find than one may think, which is why I state it. Someone who treats others as she wishes to be treated, and embodies what she wants the world to be.
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I'm looking for a great healthy connection with a man that is generous, kind, self-motivated, knows how to treat me romantically and got to be organized. A man that respects and appreciates his woman is soo attractive.
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I am looking for the right match in a man - personality, maturity, intellect, drive, ambition, accomplishments, stability, respect, integrity, humor, kindness, values and interests.
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February 14
I'm looking for my king, where is he )))
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My ideal match would be fun, respectful and kind. He would also enjoy experiences out of ordinary with me 😊