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Share Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts for a Chance to Win!

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Here comes to our Valentine’s Day Contest!


Finish this: “The best love song ever written is ______.”
Post the title of your favorite love song below and you’re entered to win.

Finish this: “The most romantic movie is ______.”
Post the title of your favorite love story below and you’re entered to win.

Finish this: “The most romantic date I’ve been on was ______.”
Share a couple of details about your date below and you’re entered to win.

Answer all of the Three questions above in the comments and you'll get a chance to win a 1-month premium membership!


How to enter:

Post your answers to the questions above in the comments to enter this contest.

One winner with the most likes will be chosen on Feb 14th, 2020.


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Roberta black, if anyone should Wright my life's story. fools rush in Selma Hyatt. my late husband took me for Irish coffee after a night out an ask me to marry him but keep kicking my leg thinking it was the table he was so. so nervous.
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Best love song: When a Man Loves a Woman

Most romantic movie: Somewhere in Time

Most romantic date I've ever been on: stopped at the top of a ferris wheel watching fireworks and kissing. Was with someone who made my heart skip a beat of course!
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it was wonderful to see both of them get all turned on by taking turns on me I'll never forget that day that was the only time I had a 3 some
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Romeo and Juliet
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when I came home from work and my roommates asked me if I wanted to have a 3 some
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a walk to remember
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by Betty white tonight is the night
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And when I see you then I know it will be next to me

And when I need you then I know you will be there with me

I'll never leave you...

Just need to get closer, closer,

Lean on me now,

Lean on me now...

The Boy With No Name - Travis

So, where is that boy? What is his name?

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Love song, Always and Forever by Luther Vandross, Movie, The Notebook. Best date - Trip to the mountains for skiing and romance.
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Best Love Song.... Brooks n Dunn That's what she gets for loving me.
Best romantic movie.....The Notebook
Havent had the most romantic date yet!
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Love of a life time. Titanic. Was a candle light diner than we walked and we talked even though other people were around it was like we were alone we ended up on a beach under the stars we talked until about 12am niether one of us had any lack for words I took her home to her kids she called me the next morning it was the most wonderful night of my life
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· The best love songs of all time ranked. “Unchained Melody” . “I Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin
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The most Romantic love movie is Titanic(1998) 20th century fox

Romance can be found when you pay attention to your partner, remember what they like and show them they matter to you.
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“The best love song ever written is ______.”
Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh

“The most romantic movie is ______.”
The Great Gatsby (Leonardo de Caprio version)

Most Romantic Date:
Flying out to experience the Aurora borealis, followed by skydiving, and finally going to see her favorite singer perform live (Lana Del Rey).
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Human story
Love moves in mysterious ways
A walk to Remember
Shakespeare in love

Dates that involved eating something and going for a long walk or drive have always been very memorable. One was a visit to a winery then dinner in a touristy town. The drive home was the pièce de résistance. He had burned a cd for our day trip and had unknowingly chosen some of Mom's favorite singers. so it touched me. When we realized that there was a meteor shower going on we found a place to park and laid out on a blanket just talking and watching the shower. Even though things didn't work out for us the connection I felt that day was amazing.
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i Got you babe...Titanic.....a picnic at the park
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The notebook still makes my legs weak :)
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I will always love you by Whitney Houston
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February 9
The best love song ever written is ' I will Always love you' by Whitney Houston.

The most romantic movie is ' The Notebook'

The most romantic date I've been on was 'my 24th birthday dinner/ proposal surprise at the Al' Faris floating restaurant at the burj khalifa, Dubai. UAE