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How Men Think

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Another great post … I would say I thought you were being rather optimistic thinking that you would keep a daily blog going for a whole month … especially with the sheer volume of words!! What men think: As is all to frequent, there is the stereotypical view of what men think that leaps to the fore in many women’s minds – and that equally applies the other way round BUT I would argue that is far too simplistic … yes, there may well be underlying similar traits in each gender (driven by hormones, let’s be honest) but we are all not so much a spectrum, more a spiders web pattern with infinite axes. I would regard myself as a more sensitive natured individual but yup, I have an underlying drive to procreate … I would say I don’t express it as overtly as others may and it most certainly is not the first (conscious) thing that springs to mind in looking at all you gorgeous women here!As for knowing how a woman thinks … I wouldn’t have a clue, and I would never seek advice from another guy! I may have a rough idea and think I’m pretty perceptive but it’s a constant surprise and – mostly – a delight! If it’s not, then it was good to meet and good to pass by.
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Wow...sounds like you have "man issues". Please don't place all men in that same bucket as you just described.
The best thing you said was "you don't know how men think", which is so appearent.
I'm guessing you survived a shitty divorce, due to your husbands infidelities?