Day #2

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Here's the thing, relationships are hard and humans are weird. There are, indeed, plenty of fish. But this lady only needs one. So, as I dump my brain and the glare from the sparkle on my sharp teeth sends the little boys scurrying into the shadows, will the real men please stand up? Some of you already have. I hope to see you in round 3... So let's talk about this No Sex On The First Date rule, shall we?I have a bone to pick with you boys. And MM. I got this question in the "getting to
know me" questions feed. It was like, to the effect of "Can you still have respect for someone who slept with you on the first date?"You know the one? Ladies, back me up on this, wouldja?
I mean just the phrasing of some of these questions clearly indicates by whom they are written, and to whom they are directed.
Am I wrong? Girls, do we say to our friends things like "Oh my GOD! He was Soooooo f***ing HOT! Has a good income, good education, so funny and fun to talk to. Smart too. But he let me
stay over on the first night! I lost all respect."?
Hell No... C'mon.
And do you know why we don't say that, boys???

It's because we are not pressuring you to do it in the first place!
So here's my question: Can somebody give me a FAIR, ETHICAL, and also logical explanation as to how saying anything and doing anything to get a woman to sleep with you, like a cat cornering a mouse, makes HER unworthy of respect?
BAM! Gauntlet thrown. I look forward to your replies.

I mean, I've seen, heard about and
experienced all sorts of shifty tactics intended to get the girl in the sac.

Social pressure and physical size gets people to buy stuff they don't want all the time, just to get out of an uncomfortable sales pitch or get off the hook. Boy's, do you really wanna be just another story of Buyer's Remorse?

So, picking me up in your car is chivalrous (points for you) but being alone in a car with you is 'asking for it' (points against me)? This game seems rigged.

And we all know how exhausted one feels after tee-many-martooni's πŸΈπŸ’€.
We are told to be trusting but learn to be suspicious. And then we get disrespected to boot?

And one more question (make that two)...What if I just want to get some action every once in a while? What if Mama wants hers too?

So, help me understand: If I don't like sex I'm a prude (BooπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ).
But if I do like sex I'm a slut (Yay!πŸŽ‰).
But nobody wants to marry a slut (Hmm πŸ€”).
Which means that If we're mutually attracted to each other, and we both want to do the deed, I'm not worthy of respect but you scored? Am I getting this down right? It seems like a lot of conflicting rules. I'm sure it's all just beyond my comprehension.

And I don't know if any of you have ever dated any of you, but NONE of you are willing to wait more than a minute. First date, no sex, ok fair. But 5th date? WTF, right? (of course, I say that having never met any of you, dear readers). This is all just based on my personal case study pre MM.

And now since I'm on a rant, Ihave one more:

So we're ALL on a dating app, correct? Which, by design, means that a world of options has opened up for ALL of us, yes? So when I check my several messages and chat with multiple fellows, I presume those fellows all have multiple prospects as well. So why is it that some of you fellows expect us gals to only be engaging with you?
You get the way this works, right?
I mean, like, a group of designers did not come together to build a site for your benefit alone. You know that, right?

The question I have for all of you is this: Are you the man our future daughters (yours and mine πŸ˜‰) need? Or are you the man our future daughters need to be protected against? Cuz at the end of the day, for some reason, it would appear we girls all end up marrying some variation of our daddies, if only for familiarity alone.

Ok, stick with me just a little longer, because if I'm irritating you with my words, considering we're total strangers and I am alone in my kitchen as I write, your reaction speaks more to the probability that I'm referring to a mess you don't want to clean up. A mess you expect other people to accept. But, it's not my mess. I'm working on my mess. I'd love to hear from anyone who is also working on theirs.
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September 18 Total posts: 19
Thank you Nadia!
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Damn girl, fuck all these dudes. I want to go for drinks with you and pick that beautiful brain!!
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September 17 Total posts: 178
I think you mean, you're pretty funny
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Ohhhh props to you lolaberry. Well said!
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September 17 Total posts: 19
your pretty funny. I like your unique user ID, as well as your on-point headline!
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When a woman makes you wait for sex then the sex isn't worth the wait.
Bottom line is this, a woman will have sex with a guy on the first date if shes finds him hot but unlikely to develop a relationship with or she is on a short vacation and no one will find out.
In other words, if a woman makes a guy wait for sex its because although she might like him she's not crazy into him.
So shes viewing him through a different lens and instigates stricter rules.
In other words, shes lumps the guy into the beta provider category and wants him to believe shes very discerning about who she gives sex to in the hope she can impress him with her virtue (ie alpha fucks beta bucks). She will make him wait and pay for something she will hand out freely to the right guy.
Basically every guy over 35 knows this. The only ones who don't are men who struggle to meet women (the 'nice' guy category). Then there are those guys who are aware of the playbook and 'simp' along with it but whose only goal is to obtain sex.
The truth can be found at the coal face and not buried in a bucket of flowery prose.
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September 16 Total posts: 19
I second that emotion
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I definatly agree with you about us not judging men if we have sex on the first day. In my opinion if we (me and future guy) have been taking for weeks and do have sex on the first date after getting good vibes for one another, I feel that we should still have respect. Its natural urges. I am looking for someone to be my potential future husband so I would like to refrain from sex for a long as possible, but things happen sometimes. Its always better to trust natural instincts. I don't think people are male/female whores for following instincts. I think we are adults capable of making adult decisions while being safe.