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1 year ago
Walking down a soft rolling hill of the greenest grass a soft breeze whispered to my ear the gentle laughter of the one I seek. Turning I see that same gentle breeze dancing with long radiant hair that caught in the golden tendrils of the sun light sparkle and shine as she moves behind an ancient majestic oak whose trunk and arms hide that which I have sought all my life. Approaching the ancient oak my heart racing and my very soul on edge. But as I turn to the other side of the oak I see that I have missed her once more. For all that I see around me is the children playing with joy in their hearts and the unbiased happiness that only children can know.
However, instead of feeling sorry for myself that once again I must continue the quest. I have found new hope and inspiration knowing that my quest nears end. Being so close that it is only a matter of Father Time allowing us to finally meet face to face.
I thought I heard your laughter on the gentle breezes, but maybe what I heard was your whisper to never give up. You are worth the wait.

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huh? you lost me!