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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...

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Seems that all cheeks are nice and rosy this year. I keep the fire burning in the fireplace for the Season, and general comfort for my cat, MoSephus(Mo), And Me here in Northeast Fl. Beyond all the glitzy parties, and the celebrations, There is a"Reason For The Season"-Christ's Recognition.

Christ was born around the latter days of September, when the Star was apparent in the skies above Bethlehem. The 3 Wisemen followed the "Star Of Bethlehem"-Youtube...

The idea of Christmas is the recognition of Christ in Mary's Womb. Given the Gestation Period  of an average baby in the womb, 9.5 months. Mary was 1 month,or less pregnant with Christ. One aught to read Luke 1 for Timeline.


The general idea is that God set the priority of when a baby is recognized. This is supported by the"Star Of Bethlehem".

I know we have been taught that the Birth Of Christ was on Dec.25. The Meaning of Christmas is not Christ's Birth. It is the acknowledgement of Christ in the womb, a month or less by John The Baptist in the womb of Elizabeth, Zacharias's Wife- Luke 1 KJV


I hope you're Christmas brings smiles to your face, and love to your heart in this 2018 season, But we sometimes lose the true meaning of Christmas with the hustle and bustle of the season. Let us not forget who this season is about, and how it applies with Us as adults, and Children of a woman's conception now, and back then...

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all...(:LV1:)

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1 year ago
Thank you for sharing part of the gospel. God bless you.