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Saw a show on the DR's today that had problems with people using sprays to clean with. Apparently, the spray you ingest is 10 times more harmful than the things you are trying to kill. This does seem to back up the idea that what you come in contact with is not necessarily harmful. I know that some warrant protection with some particular microbes, but the GP should not. Have we become a Society that, by shielding ourselves from Common Microbes, have set ourselves up to their attack? The DR's say Clean your house once a week, and avoid sprays...(:LV1:) 

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I use Young Living household cleaner instead of harsh chemicals. It contains essential oils, which are antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antfungal, and even proven to kill black mold. Smells great, no toxins, and actually healthy to use. I also diffuse Young Living essential oils. Not only do they clean the air, but have many other therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits.

Just do yourself a favor, and replace toxic cleaners, with non-toxic, and that goes for your toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap,detergents, skin and beauty products, including makeup, etc....Yes, I use Young Living for those, too. I love using coconut oil to wash my face (amazing for removing makeup), or one of Young Living’s facial cleaners, and I love making my own skincare with Young Living essential oils, or switching it up with one of their skincare products.

Sunscreens contain cancer causing agents, so you guessed it, I use Young Livings sunscreen and essential oils to protect from the sun, and for afterwards. Makeup is full of toxins as well, so Young Living’s Savvy Mineral makeup to the rescue!

Remember that your skin is your largest organ, so all those toxins from not only our skincare and hair care, are being soaked up into your body, but when we use toxic cleaners, soaps, detergents, as well. Not to mention our lungs, from breathing them in.

Get a filter for your shower and tap water. The fluoride and chlorine are very damaging to your health, and are antagonists to your thyroid.
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I would say clean the house of course and add some essential oils like lavender or lemongrass or rosemary. Either in vapouriser or adding to your mop water because they kill bacteria and smell good and are non toxic - on the contrary - beneficial to health.
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1 year ago


Its true sprays and fumes are not good I try to avoid it as 

much as possible ..To clean white spots caused by hard water 

I use vinegar mixed with some water ..To clean my clogged 

Kitchen water pipes and Bathroom , I used the Chinese chop stick and brush ..Here if Spray is the only solution specially Shoe spray we do it in the open air ..It happened to me half year ago I was in a hurry to apply Spray on 3 prs of shoes which I did on my opened window , 10 min. after I had a big 

stomach trouble + nausea and vomitting ..I think I have inhaled the air inside the room ..since then I always go to the balcony if I have to treat anything with spray ..


In the Hospital we are not allowed anymore to use Antiseptic

and other Therapeutical Sprays .We are lucky to have good 

HYGIENE people ..We were able to combat Bacterial and Viral

microbes .They teached us to wash the hands properly which 

I knew already before I came here to work ....