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Can Women be too fussy?

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1 year ago
This is a topic which I have often come across especially with past boyfriends. Now I believe that a relationship cannot be 100% perfect, you will on occasion disagree over something etc. But how much should you compromise on? I have been told by some people, that I am too fussy? Can you be too fussy? Is it that bad, to want a kind, honest, trustworthy, fun, well educated, gentlemen? In my past (yes I known Im only 20 so to some readers, you are probably thinking what past? :-)) I have been out with less educated people, with no ambition, and no enthusiasm for life and desire to do well and it just didnt work, I couldnt have a sophisticated challenging conversation etc. Is that bad on my part?

Can women be too fussy? It be good to hear a mans perspective on this?

(Its strange I feel the need to say this, but I dont believe money should play any part in deciding on a life partner! and think thats a topic for whats wrong with young women blog - stereotypes perhaps!)