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classy but classic

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you could be sexy in your imagination not the physical aspect of life I'm very respectful and I wish I have someone who is respectful in my life you can have all the money in the world but it doesn't bring you happiness sharing your love with someone and trusting someone and having a greatest communication of life is sexy and classy and classic. the gentleman who put me in their life they have a created sexy but classy woman with a wild imagination a crazy sense of human and trustworthy.

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there's a lot of negative sides of dating 2 online and a lot of people like to have multiple partners and there's a lot of scammers in sick people yes sometimes I hear me and say some awful things two women I have experienced at 2 but I'm so sorry
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there's a lot of scammers on here and I caught a lot of them and there's a lot of people catfish people I'm not the one I'm The real McCoy
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Internet and online dating are the biggest jokes where the sites are infested with parasites, scammers and sick men.