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Posted on Apr 03, 2018 at 06:45 PM

For anyone who has read any post I've done know that I am a lifelong golfer.  What you likely do not know is that I was introduced to the magical world of Ritz-Carlton in 2002.

The first fact would help you understand that "Masters Week" is pretty high on my list of things I REALLY like.  The second will be addressed now.

I was introduced to the "Ritz-Carlton" experience in 2002.  I had met a very kewl lady and wanted to impress her.  We actually met because of a mutual love of golf...and I had invited her to a weekend getaway in Atlanta that included several nights on the Club Level of the Ritz in Buckhead in Atlanta...a weekend that would include a few rounds of golf and a Sunday trip to the PGA Tour event being contested that weekend.  My new friend had experienced the Ritz before, and she told me to expect a level of service I had unlikely seen before...and she was correct.  The big thing, she told me, was that no matter to whom I addressed the phrase "Thank You", the response would be "My Pleasure".  And over the next few days, her prediction proved correct.  Some of the most incredible young men and women took care of us, and NEVER did any of them NOT respond to a thank you with my pleasure.

We shared a few other visits to Ritz properties, with very much the same experience.

A few years ago, my son got married at a small ceremony at a rented home near Camelback Mountain.  I decided to treat myself to a few nights at the Ritz...on the Club Level.

Imagine my disappointment when I said "Thank You" to every one from the valet guy, to the check-in guy, to the concierge on the Club Level, and only got a "No Problem" sort of response for three days.  Only when I called down to the desk to arrange my departure, did I get a "My Pleasure" from my thank you for taking care of things.  For those of you thinking..."What a Snob"...please read on.

Adam Scott is an Australian golfer.  He is handsome...elegant...compared in his youth to Tiger most of his countrymen...unfailingly polite.

In 1983, I got a very intriguing phone call.  I had assisted the firm I worked for at the time with trying to qualify for a chance to win a great deal of business in Victoria, Australia.  The short version would be that it was a Friday, and I was in Tampa, Florida...while living in Nashville.  The expectation was that I needed to be in Melbourne in 4 visa...nothing.  Needless to the world we live in today, this simply could not have been arranged.  But back then, a bit of political pressure was brought to bear, and I landed in Melbourne on what they told me was Wednesday...though I could not have come close to an accurate guess.

The next day was Thanksgiving back home.  To me, it was just "today".  Over the next several months, my firm and I managed to sell a lot of work...resulting in a lot of revenue.  But the overriding emotion I felt during that time was the incredible warmth...and acceptance...from my Australian colleagues during this entire experience.  Trips to Tasmania...meetings with heads of State...prawns and Castlemaine XXXX...DAYUM.

And so...why this post???

Adam Scott said the exact words at the beginning of this post at the end of what I can only assume was one of way too many interviews today...and yet his countrymen...remain exactly the same as in my memory...polite to the end...while Ritz seems to have fallen backward.  Perhaps my experience in Phoenix was an isolated experience...I really hope so.

Be well...Do good work...Keep in touch

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Posted on May 25, 2018 at 06:32 AM

Thank you for both taking the time to read, and then to respond.


Anyone who appreciates both the Ritz experience and spectacular golf, owes themselves a visit to Reynolds Plantation...a bit east of Atlanta.  If you've been there you know what I mean, if not, then spend some time looking at all the property has to offer...then just go!


Read the history of the property, learn how much a simple phrase like "linger longer" can actually mean.


Good luck in your good work...keep in touch...Jay

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Posted on May 24, 2018 at 04:21 PM

I love the Ritz-Carlton and I have golfed all over America my favorite and most difficult course was Trump International around Los Angeles

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