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What kind of woman I am seeking in 2019

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1 year ago
What kind of woman am I seeking? To put it simply, someone who is unique and not superficial about height and race for starters. Excuse my language but I honestly do not give a damn how tall you are or what your skin color is.

A woman who has a thirst for knowledge that will never be quenched.

A woman as I have reiterated previously is financially established as I do not date ANY woman who makes less money than me and I will ask you to prove it. And I make $72,000 annually. I'm not scared to say it.

Someone who is and who will continually be more than just the typical average woman who likes the beach, yoga, drinking wine, beer, and coffee and thinks that all men are just looking for sex and eye candy. Let me take a wild guess... you like to travel and be outdoors right???? Can you be more original????