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Dating has social connotations. Even casual dating is serious business. Conventional dating means romance, sex, and the possibility of partnership, cohabitation, or marriage. In this sense, dating is a precursor to mating, even having children. Age, race, income, locality, personality, character, habits, and many other factors are weighed in before accepting a date proposal and, definitely, before going to the second date. In this sense also, dating can be unreal, pretentious, game-playing, cautious, phony, disappointing, and expensive.


Dating writers is a different story, unless writers are looking for conventional dating. Dating a writer simply means meeting a writer to explore the wonders of intellect in a romantic backdrop. Age, race, income, locality, and other factors don't matter or matter only a little. By nature, dating a writer has no aura of permanence, promise, or exploitation. The meeting can be sweet as long as it lasts. Writers talk about unwritten stories, defective charcters, unfinished plots, writing skills, editos, and publishers. And if both are writers, their souls may connect and the fragrance of romance may enter the union. When writers meet spouse-hunters and booty-gatherers, all parties may be disappointed.


If one is a writer and the other an aspiring writer, the magic is even more intriguing.



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1 year ago Total posts: 2
I hope none of what you've said is true !!!
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What genre do you write ?
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I would wonder if two writers are dating who makes money so someone can write?
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Interesting blog. I am a writer and have been for many years. It started in Junior High writing for the school paper and having my articles published in the high school paper. Then being the Associate Editor of one of the best high school papers in the nation. It was great fun, and the writing paid off when I went on to college. Then self published my first novel, and now hoping to publish the second one through conventional means. Still throwing out the query letters. Love creating characters and living the story! Wouldn't it be great to meet another writer and taking an adventure and weaving it into a new story. That is a good dream that I look forward to.

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1 year ago

I haven't met an actual writer/writer. I've met wannabe's and guys who like that I have an agent and am published. Generally, they want tons of advice from how to write a book proposal, to how to find an agent or even asking me to introduce them to my own agent! It goes from date to mentorship very quickly and quite frankly, is annoying.


Interesting perspective though on dating writers!

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Writers seek other writers, but rarely find them. I have lucked into a seriously useful collaborator who is ripping my manuscripts (and pet ideas and verbiage) to shreds, God bless him!


But I would love to connect with someone who can help me brainstorm plot twists. Any ideas?


:>   H.