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Please seek me out.

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1 year ago
i am a cat, brought from far, far away.
since i was thrown into this city, i have survived here alone.

getting through the many cold/miserable nights in the dark corners
of the streets, i have yearned for the warmth of the lights coming
through windows of the sweet family house.

somebody want to invite me in?

i know the tricks of the sweets in your pocket.
you must not forget that even a tiny kitten has pride and hidden sharp claws.

please seek me out.

you could see me taking a nap on a high branch in a maple tree on a fine day,
or in the window of an old book store on a rainy day.
whatever you could take from love in this world, i can give you a sweet heaven,
if you can give me the lap to curl up on ...

-so i can purr like a little kitten forever.