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Posted on May 15, 2017 at 04:04 AM

There is nothing more seductive and alluring to a man than a woman who is very comfortable with her sexuality. Her confidence can be gauged by her gaze...the manner in which she looks at a if to long for his warm embrace. Her eyes call him to her. Her soft speech reminds him of the songs of nature on a spring morning. The way she parts her ruby lips, makes him imagine the warmth and coziness of her vagina. He Imagines that he can taste it....And the manner in which she sways her hips, slowly, gently, and provocatively.........She speaks to him with every fiber of her being. Even her scent tantalizes his senses and causes his nature to rise to the point that his thoughts swirl into a frenzy and he looses control. He can't deny her. He will give her every thing within him, even his seed. #BeholdThePower #Learn#TheArtofSeduction #YoureWelcome


Her Royal Majesty~
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