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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 04:22 PM

Women have grown up in a highly patriarchal society. As such, we have been taught the Adam and Eve story; that God created man in his image and then women from the rib of man. But my queston has always been this: how is it that women came from men, but he still has all of his ribs? What makes more sense to me is that men came from women. Perhaps women came on the planet first. I mean, everyone has a navel, which means they had an umbilical chord which means we ALL came from WOMEN! That's easy to prove. I digress.  At any rate, I'm more conceerned with how women view ourselves while living in a patriarchal society.


You see, when you hear of God being constantly referred to as "he" and "him" and other masculine expressions, but NEVER or rarely hear of the feminine expression of God, then that does something to a woman's psyche.  I don't think we realize how that can subconsiously harm or effect us. We hear... God is a man of war; violent at times and wrathful and vengeful. On his good days, he is loving and kind. I always wondered if he was bipolar. No offense.

I'm sure many males can relate to those 'masculine' characteristics of war, anger, vengeance, etc. 

But what happened to the feminine expression of God? It's cool that HE can be loving, but why can't I see a SHE being depicted as such?

Good thing the God of religion has a dual nature, or else we'd all be a psycho-pathological mess! But alas, women have not Goddess to look up to; no Supreme Feminine Being to whom she can relate. It's no wonder so many of us suffer from self esteem issues. And if that is not bad enough, we have to deal with misogyny in almost all religions, politics, entertainment, books, schools, and even in the work place.  In descriptions and conversations when referring to a person, it is more common to say "he" than it is to say, "she," but who's counting?

Hell, in order to survive, as a woman, you have to be aggressive or fiercely assertive in order to gain respect. And if you want to climb the social ladder or climb the managerial positions at work, you have to don your maculine characteristics. Femininity be damned! Funny tho...when men are aggressive or direct, they are "bosses" or "ambitious;"  women, on the other hand, are bitches.


Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that even though women have been nearaly coerced into leaning on our masculine characteristics that this could be preventing us from being truly joyful! And it certainly prevents us from attracting a man. While being "hard" or aggressive or fiercely independent may make it easier for us to function in a patriarchal society, it makes it difficult to be in relationship with a man. Why? Because men are highly attracted to feminine, soft, sweet, pleasant,and joyful women. He does not desire to deal with testosterone at work all day and then come home and see it heavily displayed in his woman. 


But it's not just about the man. It is about us women too. We are hurting. We have dealt with misogyny, objectification, abuse, rape, disrespect and abandonment by a LOT of people and by a "system" in this dog-eat-dog society. Not all of us, but many of us. Aside from that, who can we turn to for healing, but the male God who in many religious paradigms sanctions our oppression? 

I suggest that women embrace our own concept or expression of God(ddess). At one time, the entire planet had feminine expressions of God(dess) but that was done away with during the rise of patriarchy. (See "When God Was A Woman" by Merlin Stone and "When God Was a Black Woman and Why She Isn't Now by Joseph R. Gibson). God was always seen as Creatress or the Great Mother. Isn't that lovely? 

Anyhoo, my sisters, we need balance. We lean heavily upon our masculine nature; we have to. But I encourage us to awaken and explore the feminine, for she is DIVINE.  Love yourselves as the Creatresses that you are. You are divine. You are feminine. You are amazing and you are worthy to be praised! My goodness/goddess, you give life. And those of us who don't have the ability to give birth, you still give life! Men cannot live without you. They cannot go without the love, nurturing and comfort of a woman, whether she be his mom, lover, or friend. Interestingly, man came out of the vagina and does everything in his power to climb back in! Don't let him climb inside without reverencing you as the Divine Being or Goddess that you are.

May I suggest to you that we receive healing from the nurturing, loving Goddess who created us? May I suggest that we take down our guards, take off our masks and allow ourselves to heal? May I also suggest that we look deep within ourselves and learn to love, laugh and play? Try being soft when speaking, gentle when dealing with others and kind and loving at all times. I encourage us to try wearing soft, flowing dresses sometimes and wearing a smile always. Men love women who smile. Practice it. And practice often. :) Everyone loves a JOYFUL woman. Besides, once you heal, you will discover joy. In the meantime find what it is that makes you joyful and do it OFTEN.


The other day, I created a video where i told women to touch themselves.That's right, make LOVE to yourselves. Touch every inch of your body. Love on yourself. Massage and carress every inch of your body. Try it tonight. Turn on some Maxwell or Erykah Baddu. Light some candles and while the music is playing, gently and softly and lovingly and erotically touch your entire body, until you erupt into an exposion of pleasure! This is the beginning of waking up the divine feminine!  Follow me and we will continue the conversation of how we can awaken the divine feminine within us. For when we are healed and are fully walking in our divininty, we will heal the entire planet. What are some ways you suggest for women to awken the divine feminine within them? Both men and women can answer this question. Let's go.

Her Royal Majesty~
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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 06:52 PM

Wow grateful at least for small mercies HerRoyalMajesty , the mere fact fact the ribs have the unique ability to regenerate themselves would answer that question, but just imagine for a second had the Divine Creator actually taken a bone from Adam's head, then Eve would be trying to rule over him and had it been from the lower regions of his body like his foot, she would then no doubt be be trying to trample him into the ground, low and behold the Universal Creator decided no way hosay, I m removing a part of the body that regenerates, but I have a two fold reason for doing so, by taking the rib from Adam's side for Eve well make them equal to reside in harmony, neither one trying to rule over the other and neither one trying to trample the other into the ground, hence pretty much logical why it was removed from the middle of the body, rather than the upper and lower regions and actually well regenerate as if Adam had never lost a part of him after all and why we both today have the same amount of ribs present.


  As for the Creator being depicted as a male form rather than a female form, that really can only stem from the fact that Adam was created before Eve, hence let us create Man in our image, not other way round, but again that naturally is based upon ones belief and faith at the end of the day has to be in the forefront to accept and understand that logic. It's neither right for anyone to dictate what another should or should not believe, that is just my personal feelings how I view it.


As for the humanity and divinity aspects, again personal feelings, i feel we can if we wish accept a divine inner spirit working within anyone of us to aid in building a closer relationship with the Divine Creator, but I don't believe the origin of human kind is divine in nature for if we were we would have the ability to penetrate walls  and move beyond the speed of light, again all is based purely on faith and belief in such a higher Divine power at the end of the day.


However awakening the pleasure zones within from a humanity aspect works in liaison with both the mind and body, each much compliment the other in order to create the passion and explosiveness you speak of, for every action, there must be a reaction as we all know, but the critical elements for which to bring about that experience must be present, we surely were made in a unique capacity to rightfully enjoy our existence on earth.






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