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TED Talk 1.

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I have seen some BEAUTIFUL women here on this site endlessly complaining about the lack of fulfillment from SOME of these men. I'm starting to wonder if there is hope here at all!

P.S. this is TED!👇

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Good evening!


I think its a mixture of hope with some frustration thrown in. I've met some really nice people *email only* on this site.


Remain blessed.



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Having hope is everything
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1 year ago
I just recently returned to the site. I met a man who was I thought everything I wanted. Then he changed. The men and women on this site are still human. No guarantee's anywhere in life. We are all human and trying to get to know people is hard. Especially from 5 photos and a few short lines. Plus I am sure even though the people on here men and women alike want a sense of financial security you have to weed out the one who are just here for selfish needs.