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Posted on Feb 13, 2018 at 12:36 PM

I’m not exactly religious, but I'm down with the spirits, and I appreciate religious philosophy. I find that the basic tenets across most all religions are sound principles by which to live. Don't lie; don’t kill; don't steal; don't hump your neighbor’s husband or wife; don’t covet their cyber-life, their M@serati, M1n1 C00per, or vintage Schw1nn road bike. Share, care, do good work, and try with all God’s might and the faith of a mustard seed to isolate yourself must you pass judgment or flatulence. I can dig it. Someone's recent mention of Easter and fasting piqued my query, and I found myself stumbling upon some really interesting articles including one about the Christian lovers' ultimate dilemma...when Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday (Oh, hell no!), and another published in The C@tholic Her@ld with highlights from Pope Fr@ncis' lent address. You can find it by doing a web search of "use-lent-to-become-aware-of-false-prophets-pope-francis-says/." Aside from Catholicism and Christianity, fasting and sacrifice take forms in many religions...Judaism, Hinduism, Islam to name a few others. I've also seen secular forms take shape lately. Many among the modern human species are abstaining from a variety of indulgences from wheat to meat; microbrews to whiskey; hazelnut chocolate to porn and bacon fetishes; and even social media dependency--pledging instead to make friends in real life. In the wake of the upcoming season, I've found myself pondering if there is something I'd have a hard time giving up, and if I'd be up for the challenge and commitment. The answer: I'm gonna give it a sh0t! I'd like to start with giving up my hopes for Olympic Gold in ice skating. Yesterday I attempted a double lutz followed by a triple axel in my socks on my living room floor, and lets just say I over-rotated the landing, and will not be taking the podium. Am thinking that thumb-wrestling might be a better sport for me. I've been practicing against myself (and winning), so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the 2020 qualifying rounds. But yes, for the next 46 days, my hopes are on the back burner (hashtag realism). Next, I'd like to give up my love of nothingness. I never knew that doing nothing could be so much fun 'til I tried it. I mean...the possibilities are endless. Who would've thought that the tiles on the ceiling could have so much personality, those endearing shades of grey. Nothin' Christian about it. Nope. Simply bound, gagged and whipped into submission by barenaked nothingness. Yes, I have to stop this. At least for 46 days. Lastly… Meat. Do I really need it? Should survival of the species become dependent upon it, could I not simply artificially inseminate my craving with a baster and a pan of tofurkey? Yes...yes, I suppose I could. In that, I will give up meat for 46 days. May the forks be with me. In addition to sacrifice, I think it's also important to aspire for gains. A zero-sum game in the least. Things might get a little dirty, but it all comes out in the wash. Gain #1. I’d like to achieve buns of steel. I will accomplish this by turning nothingness into somethingness by way of one squat or lunge per every minute spent staring at my ceiling, wall, or blank expression in the mirror. Yes. I wish to achieve a bottom so firm, it shakes your hand like it means it. Honest buns that look you in the eye when they talk to you (hashtag integrity). Gain #2. The days are getting longer, and so should my naps. Yes, it is important to keep a healthy balance of activity (refer to Gain #1) and rest. In that, I will extend my nap time by one minute for every minute the day grows longer (hashtag serenity). Gain #3. Enlightenment. I would really like to expand my intellectual capacity. I will achieve this by donating $3 to w1kiped1a so that I may enjoy guilt-free absorption of information that I can't reference in any of my academic papers. Yes...I realize they're talking to me when that window pops up stating that if everyone who uses w1kiped1a donated $3, the country wouldn't be such a shithole. My friends...we're just one sacrificed cup of tea away from making this place great again.

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Posted on Feb 17, 2018 at 07:41 PM

I lost count of the "thumbs up" moments in your post.


I am so humbled by your stream of ideas.


And I joy in your please continue to publish.

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Posted on Feb 17, 2018 at 01:25 PM

@gentilily I am trying to stick with fish and eggs and no meat.

Carpe diem
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Posted on Feb 17, 2018 at 02:30 AM

I love the satire in your article, fun with enlightenment. I will like to give up the following;

  •  Idle chatter for Productive conversation
  • Seriousness for Humor since 'work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.
  • My plans for God's Universal plan for my destiny
  • Counting my losses rather than gains
  • Being too hard on myself for perfection with an acceptance of my weakness/vulnerabilities
  • Self to others
  • Solitude for outreach
  • Seeking Love to attracting Love

Real beauty never dies as it is eternal encompassing the Soul. It is referred as classical beauty because it doesn't go with the latest fashion trend but maintains its peculiar style over generations. Classical beauty radiates the content of the vessel. The body over time will wear and tear, the wrinkles will come out to mar the once perfect finish but the internal beauty of the Soul will transcend beyond the degeneration of the body to be the beauty that surpasses time.
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Posted on Feb 14, 2018 at 07:06 PM

-- gentilily --


I gave up smoking my pipes way back in the long ago dim distant past.  Do I have to start smoking them again to count giving them up.  I think not.  I think perseverance for this long should count too.  


-- rmac --


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Posted on Feb 13, 2018 at 12:38 PM

cont... But I have to admit that I'm struggling with a tugging question, a loophole, a potential caveat of sorts. Is it ok to cheat? I mean...could I have a main dish of colorful, nutrient-dense vegetables with the occasional filet on the side, medium-rare with a balsamic reduction, so long as I'm in a different area code or something? I take a breath and remind myself that even should one indulge his or her suppressed appetite for a fine cut of prime in the secrecy of an isolated booth in a restaurant at the no-tell motel...Skydaddy is still watching, and to think it is to do it, sayeth the Lord. Holycow. Ok, ok, ok! I won't eat meat, I won't eat meat, I won't eat meat...and I promise not to buy buttpads. Bring on the squats and the baster...I’m all in. What about you...What will you give up, and what would you like to gain? You may think that you have everything to lose and nothing to gain, and...well,’re probably right. In this case, I echo the wise words of my dear friend Homer S1mpson who ascertains, "If something's too hard to do, it's not worth doing (hashtag nothingnessAF)." You can always resort to staring at the ceiling or wall or your blank expression in the mirror (hashtag funtimesforever). Well...get at it, already!

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