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Posted on Nov 10, 2017 at 03:08 AM

It's disturbing to watch that women in the name of XYZ have almost lost their feminine power on men, however, significantly gain the temporary sexual power by a thousandfold. But at the end, they lose the battle with others in the game of thrones. Some Women have objectified themselves to the point of no return hence so many single and wonderful females out there.


Who to blame? Men in general? Are we the ones who are the real culprits behind all this new image of a woman? have we crafted a new image for women to be considered sexy where almost every lady profile pics on this site seem so identical :) Next we get blamed for flipping pics and not reading the profiles? Grrr


Here is the common photo theme.


1. Few bikini shots.

2. Few photos of her on exotic trips.

3. Pictures were taken in front of a Broadway-style FAKE red carpet event wearing glamorous clothes.

4. Pictures were taken in a studio by a prof. photographer and photoshop to the point where Adobe stocks have gone up 15% each year :)

5. On an expensive boat or a yacht.

6. The common, supposed to be considered sexy and part erotica pics are; selfie while laying in bed and holding the phone in one hand with those gloomy/inviting eyes :)

7. The funniest but not supposed to be the funniest sexy pic is the woman standing inside a washroom and taking selfies, while you can clearly see the open toilet seat behind her! One should be careful not to zoom in.


Above is the norm, the variation of pics changes depends upon the person's age.


If the girl is young, she will have pics with funny avatars superimposed on her beautiful face like flowers, cat faces etc. Is that supposed to be charming? Not to mention the classic just legs photos of her sitting near the shores of a beautiful beach :)


What about you ladies, what do you find fun and annoying on guys profiles? I am curious.


Are my observations about ladies profile pics an over exaggeration on my part?


p.s. Sorry for not mentioning the duck face photos. My bad :(


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