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Posted on Wed, May 17, 2017 08:23 AM

Are you Tired of seeing Trump eveywhere while surfing the net? Looking for the best trump card and you ended up seeing Donald?

Not anymore...Introducing "Trump Blocker" add on extension for your Goggle Chrome. Yes folks, its real! See instructions below.

Coming Soon:

1. Ex-Spouse Blocker - Hiding from your former spouse to avoid alimony and child support payments? Enjoy this Add on. It will hide you from all over the internet and they can never find you.

2. Funtimes Get Lost - Tired of my blog posts?. This Add on will block all my internet posting from ever appearing on your browser screen again. (I donated for this Add on development)

Scammers Delight - Are you a romantic hopeless? This Add on advertised you as a romantic hopeless on all the internet dating web sites in the world. Send money to people in foreign countries with a click of button. Just plain awesome!

4. Un-Conditional Love - You believe in un-conditional love?, here is your extension. This Add on allows you to find all those who believe in un-conditional love all over the world. yeah I know, might as well just use "Scammers Delight" same thing :)

5. Trump Blocker:

1. Go to this link, copy and paste​search/https%20everywhere?hl=en-US&_feature=​5stars&_category=extensions

2. Type in Trump in the search box..and there you go! soo many choices.

p.s. Please submit your ideas for any new blockers you would like to see? lets get creative folks.

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