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When people says “you’ve changed,” it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way.
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It can mean that you changed positions or changed a thought, or clothes just don't change your heart
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1 year ago

Spot on Englishxhosa  some peoples find it hard to accept and adapt to changes in others, but if truth be known, we are all constantly changing with the times and world around us, life in general brings about change in all of us, some more obvious than others. 

People just need to be more tolerant toward one another and as long as the changes they see in you are non threatening toward them, then  just accept and move on, if they are unable to do that and keep challenging you to conform to their ideal person in their own eyes, then I say life is to short, it is their problem and their's alone to deal with and should not become your burden to shoulder.


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People put you in a box and get upset if you keep getting out of it.  They want the person they knew to stay exactly as they think you were.  If they thought you were lazy they want you to still be even though you never were.