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Wanted: Profile Critique From Ladies

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Hi ! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends ! So here is my request. Since I do not consider myself an expert in utilizing internet meeting sites, I would like to have some honest feedback of my profile from ladies in their 40s and 50s. What do you look for in a man's profile ? What are the most important characteristics that makes you interested in getting to know a man ? Does my profile have too much or not enough information ? What type of pictures do you like to see ? Honest critique of my profile would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a safe and joyful Holiday Season ! Jeff
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Authenticity. A man who is not "auditioning" . He is not afraid to provoke disagreement by speaking his mind while also possessing the ability to deliver his oppinion with tactful consideration
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dearest mi amore, do hope that you share this beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and Friends for the most memorable experiences and cherish them forever may God bless you all now and in the future. Jennifer
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Everyone look for different things...highlight your accomplishments, and be truthful. The right person will find you.

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I believe there's six most important things in a relationship and I know that I want a true man to be a Christian first has to be involved with his family second third yes be educated fourth he has to be hard-working if he has to be respectful and six and six needs to be last is he needs to know how to love and nurture
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I liked your profile. It describes who you are and who you’d like to meet. I pay attention to a profile’s grammar and spelling and it looks like you took the time to proofread!
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I think your profile is perfect and you seem like a true gentleman
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I look for a classy dressed gentleman , no showing off muscles or in a towel , no shirt
That to me is unclassy, also , we dont like to see you onlineafter u ask for our#!
It says you are not serious about a relation
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I like honesty! If you are married you should not be here !!!!! And natural pics of you doing what you love ! Happy holidays
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Open to interpretation or anyone can add on to this if I left anything else important out.

Hope it helps. Happy thanksgiving! Good luck! 💗🙏🏽
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Hi Jeff,

Your profile looks fine to me. Nice clear recent pictures of yourself (hopefully). Posting clear pictures of pictures of you & your daughter is nice & pets. You seem very open, honest & transparent (which is a great). The other pictures of nature’s pets are irrelevant. Pictures of your environment is beautiful and all, but what are you trying to sell here, you or nature?

Think about it like you’re shopping online for something particular that you want... or if you’re not sure what you want, then you’re just browsing thinking that you’ll stumble across something that will catch your eye and you’ll know it when you see it..? My opinion, if you know what you want, no need to waste time, put yourself out there and go for it. You’re the prize/merchandise (well, women are the prize, actually). You have to sell yourself.

Also, think about it... transparency is great and all, but too much too soon might be... too much. Some people don’t really read profiles (women do though, I do). Most people just want to see/read your best characteristics, personality, etc. and meet in person to see if there’s a connection chemistry to proceed any further.

I sometimes do like it when a profile is simple and doesn’t say much to where it’s intriguing, mysterious & exciting to figure out if 1. The person is real 2. If they can hold a conversation 3. If there’s a connection when we do decide to meet in real life. So a little mystery is nice as well. Just depends on how you want to approach it. It’s your profile.

Full description of yourself, hobbies, interests and what you’re looking for in a match.

What I look for in a profile is 1. Clear Pictures of yourself (smile guys, it looks good on you) 2. If you’re stable in all aspects of life (career, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc) 3. Health is important to me (fit, athletic, active) 4. Adventurous (adrenaline fanatics, racing, motorcycles, skiiing, etc) 5. Loving/affectionate, generous with himself
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I feel your profile is very nicely written, straight to point and covers everything. I dont know why the site has ones tell what kind of car they drive,lol. I too love laugh and smile. Im natural blond with a lot steriotypes go with that, like the blond moments but nice be able laugh at my self sometimes. Its said that laughing help you live long i believe this and its good that i do seeing how im social service professional.
I would say your pictures are perfect i can see your eyes :) ,you have a nice variety and i see your character a lot in them.
I like what your about and what i look for is honesty, no players and no married me.
Thanks for caring enough to ask for input, i made my profile in 2012 or 2013 it needs updayed updated, i only added more update pictures.
Have good day :)
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I think you have a nice profile, enough information for any interested woman to know basics about you. Also since I looked, I think we have most of same values. Take a look at mine, I know mine is not as descriptive as yours, but I would like some feedback or questions as well. :)
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Wonderful profile. I was adopted from Hong Kong and grew up in Canada but I've traveled China and around the world.
I would love to find my soulmate at least my best friend.