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Posted on Mar 07, 2018 at 07:47 AM

'Most people on this site don't really know what they are here for'. 

This was a comment that one of my visitors shared with me and got me thinking.

We set up an 'ad' for various reasons including;

  • Wider gender coverage across the globe
  • More exposure to diversity
  • Taking advantage of the larger network to improve learning and acquisition of new skills
  • Easy access to  shallow relationships
  • Searching for the ideal partner that has similar interest
  • Love relationships

Every day there are visitors with their intentions browsing over the large catchment area of both genders. We reach out to the one that captures our interest either with a wink, email or message. We ask questions, a kind of auditioning goes on, the other oblivious of the guidelines of assessment. If they pass the audition, we 

exchange private phones and emails but consciously the knowledge of other options still lingers on.....

Privately, the conversation continues, but some return back to the site to try other options again, better choices they assume. It continues as they spread their search across never digging deep to focus on a particular choice. 

The confusion now sets in, an endless search for 'the perfect'. 



Exchange scattered forces for concentrated force- FOCUS

When we meet someone we like, dig deeper. Take time to find out who they are, their values, why they are here and so on. Nothing should be assumed while having the conversation. The intent is to find out who the other person is. Every human being has value. Nothing happens by accident. In the myriad of beings, you were able to connect with someone shows that your attraction was real and divinely orchestrated. So focus on that being, even if it didn't work out for the longterm, you have made a connection that could be useful otherwise. 

Always resist the temptation to go back again in the search for new options.


With FOCUS, we will be able to find whatever we are searching for at the shortest relative time. Personally, I don't accept those who have been here for too long except with a congenital reason.

Readers opinion is welcomed.



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Real beauty never dies as it is eternal encompassing the Soul. It is referred as classical beauty because it doesn't go with the latest fashion trend but maintains its peculiar style over generations. Classical beauty radiates the content of the vessel. The body over time will wear and tear, the wrinkles will come out to mar the once perfect finish but the internal beauty of the Soul will transcend beyond the degeneration of the body to be the beauty that surpasses time.
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Posted on Mar 12, 2018 at 02:32 PM

You are very right.

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