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Posted on Feb 25, 2018 at 08:02 AM

One loosed 'nut'...

A depression...

Suddenly either the children, fun lovers, innocent human beings will bear the loosed canon outburst of hate in its different disguises. This mayhem is usually carried out in a place of heavy traffic including, stations, airports, schools, most recently nightclubs!

We are left shattered with grief as the little ones we saw a moment ago have vanished physically forever. Mothers weep, families, friends and the government. Yet everyone carries a gun, even the underaged.  The debate on arms ownership reforms continues with no consensus. 


Does that mean Americans are mean? Do we now say that America is unsafe? Do we label the country for the evil committed by a few? NO!

Labelling a country with its citizens as scammers for the crime perpetrated by 1% of its population is totally unjustified. This form of stereotyping is a continuous struggle for those who are innocent. The huge world of Earth with its diversity of people, cultures and beliefs is a cauldron of either good or bad flavour. 

But we are always in a state of hope to attract the qualities that we seek. 


Having been exposed to the tapestry of the human garden, akin to roses, lilies, hibiscus etc,  I learn new things each day welcoming creativity in human resources.  This platform has been a phenomenal opportunity to meet people who we share similar values, are non-judgemental and open to new experiences regardless of labels.

I believe every human being should be given a chance until proved otherwise. In the art of love, which is a shift from body identity to spiritual identity, there are no boundaries. It is two spirits of same homogeneity working together to help each other achieve their destinies. So geography fades into the horizon in this state of heavenly bliss!





Real beauty never dies as it is eternal encompassing the Soul. It is referred as classical beauty because it doesn't go with the latest fashion trend but maintains its peculiar style over generations. Classical beauty radiates the content of the vessel. The body over time will wear and tear, the wrinkles will come out to mar the once perfect finish but the internal beauty of the Soul will transcend beyond the degeneration of the body to be the beauty that surpasses time.
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