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Ladies be careful!!! Catfishers on this website

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Hi Girls,
I have been on here for about a week now and this site seems to be loaded with catfishers... TWICE now both american and canadian men have contacted me. Please women these men do not communicate or email properly they do not know how to spell and ask you to download google chat. There pics have been stolen

They are widows or have lost their wife during labour and claim they are in the military or have lost a child in a car accident. All these things play on our hearts as women!! Do not fall for it

I have reported 3 user already
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Hey guys I’m actually one of the real ones on here. And my number is on my profile page call me and find out. If I don’t pick up text me and let me know that you are from here. And I’ll call you right back
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Thank you for reporting these fake profiles.  We do our best to weed out the bad from the good but, with a site name like ours, many more sign up.  I will be glad to check out any profile you feel is "suspicious ".   If you are reporting someone be sure to attach any information that will help with our investigation (copy of emails, messages, etc).


Have a good day everyone........enjoy the fall colors.

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Who name them u can't trust some of these men this site needs us to reply to these men find these catfish !! I like that