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Posted on Sun, Sep 10, 2017 07:46 PM

Hey what's happening MM family, well for me it is the constant gaze when I'm out, looking into that special golden diamond pearl of a  lady eye. And when I see her and she sees me we will both know instantly however if there is not an Instant connect for a life time mate and lover there is still room for 100 % friendship...



So what do you miss the most about companionship,  for me it is that look that  look we both give each that says I love you?

That conversation and conversing that is 100, 99 % of the time  because we are made for each other. 

I miss having breakfast together, lunch time together,  dinner together, snacks and all the in between meals we share...

I miss the walks in the park,  walks in the square, shopping together, movies sharing popcorn and drinks, smooching at movies, oops. 


Are we allowed as adults to go deeper or should we keep it clean, well for me I miss whispering her name while taking her where she has never been before,  exploring the unknown of intimacy because she will never forget that outer world experience by her professor and teacher and she mine, every day is an apple a day for us on the merit to be true Dr of Love and life.



I miss her sharing her day and me sharing mine and we both laughing together over the wonderful encounters we embrace daily...


Ahh the golden diamond pearl companion, my babe what a gal she is, my babe she don't stand no cheating my babe, song by little Walter. 


Well what do you miss? 

Time for a cup of java who will join  me?



Enjoy yours truly, Mr Born1top. 

Love and peace,  don't hate participate in love, if you dare...

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Posted on Tue, Sep 19, 2017 01:57 PM




Ask me ..I will tell you what I miss...A big cup of hot chocolate..


and Men who really cares for their women.. ..Ok Drink your


Java and I will Catch the attention of beautiful women for you..


This is just to start the Blog so you don't feel deserted  and 


alone .. 

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